Apple Watch: “krsn” and “styles” smart watches

Today, Apple is launching pre-orders for its latest product. According to analysts, the Watch watch could sell a total of eight million units this year. However, not all models will be able to be delivered by Apple on the day of the start of sales, ie April 24.

According to the latest reviews, the Apple Watch is a beautiful and stylish smart watch that can make life easier for people on the go. However, reviewers criticize the low battery life and slow application, according to Reuters.

Apple Watches are still suitable for pioneers, said Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal. Map applications are so slow that the hunter has enough time to cut out the map paper, he added.

According to Apple, the battery of the watch should last 18 hours on a single charge. When all clever functions are switched off, approximately 48 hours can be achieved. If the user uses them to make a phone call when connected to an iPhone, the watch will sign up for power after those hours (you can find out more here).

Reviewer Lauren Goodeov from the technology server Re / Code warns that this vdr will lag behind similar electronic devices of other manufacturers. Scott Stein from CNET also points to a slow battery charge.

Apple Watch, in conjunction with the iPhone, allows users, for example, to control the Internet and listen to music in addition to the telephone. However, Farhad Manjoo, who reviewed the watch for the New York Times, warns that the software used is complex and unsuitable for technologically inexperienced users, which is unusual for Apple devices.

The price of the watch, which will be pre-ordered after five o’clock in the morning, for example through the German Apple Store, will be set at 399 euros (approximately 10.5 thousand crowns). In addition to Germany, Apple Watch can be pre-ordered in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Those interested in the luxurious Edition version will have to dig deep into their pockets. The price of the 18-card gold model starts at 11,000 euros (approximately 295,000 K), you can climb the bag and 18 thousand euros (over 480 thousand crowns).

According to the German portal Macerkopfsi, they will also be talking about the most luxurious version of the Apple Watch Edition, and they will have to wait for their watches until May. With these additional milestones, those interested should cover such models of the basic Apple Watch.

For the first time, Apple officially introduced the Apple Watch last year (more here). The price of the company’s shares has risen by a quarter since then. Apple Watch is the first product in a new category that the company has created under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. In 2011, he replaced the company of the legendary Steve Jobs, who soon died of cancer (more with colleagues at Technet).