Apple stomps on the brake. Watch will be small

The date of the expected Apple watch is blinking and the first customers will pin it back in late April. However, according to the Taiwanese Economic Daily News, the company will face production complications, as a result of which it reduces the volume of production by half.

Every month, 2.5 and 3 million Apple Watches come out of Quanta’s production lines. That’s how the original California manufacturer sounded. Only according to the latter, at first, the production of a watch panel does not go full according to full.

Apple has so far used high-quality LCD screens for the iPhone, but bet on AMOLED for the watch. These are known for their very vibrant color scheme and high contrast, while the LCD displays in true colors.

For the AMOLED watch panel, which is manufactured for Apple by LG, instead of a glass substrate, plastic is used, which is light and so prun. The production of a panel with a plastic substrate requires a slightly different procedure and the biggest problem is the sensitivity of the plastic to changes in humidity that accompany the production process.

The element that slows down the expected pace of production is the fact that the supposedly made Quanta are mainly laptops and the small electronics of the line did not slow down at such a speed.

Of course, Apple did not take these complications into account when calculating its production volume. Economic Daily News, according to the statement that Apple commissioned it from the production of Foxconn companies, and has not wanted to assemble iPhones for a long time. Current full production thus sweat with 1.25 and 1.5 million pieces of watches msn.

The sharp start of sales of Apple watches is in full swing on April 24, and pre-orders will be accepted by the company on April 10. For the California emblem, Watch is the first contribution to a new segment of so-called wearable electronics. So far, however, the manufacturer has not been able to introduce a watch with which he would have reached a more expressive hurry. According to one of the analyzes, 6.8 million kustak watches were sold last year (more here).

However, Apple’s fulls are still much more ambitious, and before analysts recently said, analysts could sell around 20 million of these watches by the end of the year. However, these are expected to produce a relatively large crack.

Because if we hide that from normal to December, including the production of small volumes, we would reach the upper limit, we will get about 15 million pieces. Whether Apple will not be able to satisfy the demand or there will be a kind of variant and the interest in the watch will not reach the expected one, ukou and the nearest msce.