Apple figured out how to save for gold. But he didn’t wear a watch

Apple, along with Blcm, has launched a patent on its own technology for the production of gold alloys, including composite. It is more pronounced in it, especially the resistant resistance of the resulting 18-card gold. At the same time, however, it is possible for the gold content to be slightly smaller in relation to other perkm.

The gold watch Apple Watch Edition will be expensive, not originally speculated. The user will have to prepare at least 10,000 USD (approx. 258.5 thousand crowns). He gets a smart watch behind them, their pieces are set in 18-card gold tlepstroje. If the watch were made of a new gold composite, the company would save on gold.

The server pointed this out last week with a link to the communication of the user Dr. Drang from In this case, the recipient would not receive as much gold without such expensive gold watches as from the 18-card gold pens.

Not gold as gold

Simply put, if you melted such 18-card gold and wanted to sell the gold from it, you wouldn’t spend as much as from the same large 18-card gold perks. The reason is a special composite of gold and ceramics, which has excellent properties such as lightness and durability (normal gold is somewhat soft and prone to damage).

Apple’s gold is a metal matrix composite non-standard alloy. Instead of mixing gold with silver, copper or other metals to make it strong, Appley combined it with low-density ceramic rods, like Drang.

The new gold alloy is a hinge hinge that the company owns. Apple thus replaced the silver and bronze, which is used in normal minutes, with this ceramic material.

And this is the reason for the phenomenon of 18-card mass gold not in the same (volumes) 18-card percentage. The bottom is dark as the cards (gold purity) in gold alloys hide. It is assumed that pure gold is marked with the value of 24 cards, which according to the server corresponds to a ratio of at least 999 weight units out of a total value of 1000. In 18-card gold, the ratio should be 750 units of printing. The gold content is therefore evaluated in this case by the ratio of the weight of gold and other materials in the alloys.

The ceramic material described by Apple in the patent is easily used in metals, the company has the same size handcuffs and less gold.

A week ago, it was speculated that the company also used this material for prepared gold watches. From the published video, the bag shows that the watch uses a classic alloy using silver, palladium copper.