Android has sold a billion. Windows Phone are statistically error

The Android operating system has been released by milnk. In 2014, more than a billion smartphones with this system were sold. The smartphone has sold a total of 1.3 billion, it is also clear that Android crush competition. Microsoft has not yet made a name for itself with Windows Phone, with only three percent of the market.

In 2014, the smartphone market looked completely unambiguous in terms of operating systems. Android is a clear and intractable leader, the kind of iOS is playing on its own dog. Other operating systems do not seem to exist.

In 2014, it is a total of 248.5 million sold smartphones. This represents a mezir nrn of 30%. This is shown by the data of the analytics company Strategy Analytics. The overwhelming power between Android operating systems. He recorded a meziron nrst from about 0.8 billion to a billion and 42.7 million smartphones. This is the first time in history that any operating system has managed to exceed the limit of one billion licenses sold per year.

Thus, in 2014, Android accounted for 81.2% of the market, which means that it increased by 2.3 percentage points. In the fourth quarter of the year, the situation was not so optimistic, he was probably to blame for Apple and its new iPhones (more here). The iOS dr system stood at 15% for the whole year, while during the off-season it recorded a level of 19.6%.

Android and iOS are basically dr cel market, however put operan systems are marginally important. Microsoft can’t do that with Windows Phone. It’s a three, but instead of being in the back, it’s a sad game. Meziron has managed to give more smartphones to its system, but growth is less than the growth rate of the market itself. Instead of 35.8 million smartphones as in 2013, 38.8 million smartphones with Windows Phones were sold last year. This means that out of a meager 3.6%, the mandrel has shrunk to just 3% according to the Microsoft system. According to the system, it also worked during the quarter.

Other operating systems do not seem to exist at all. In 2014, only 9.3 million smartphones with a system other than Android, iOS or Windows Phone were sold. This represents a thorn under just 0.7% and a large meziron drop. A year ago, 20 million smartphones with a different system were sold, which meant a 2% share. For BlackBerry OS or Firefox OS, this is definitely not good at first.