Nurses demonstrate this Tuesday in Paris

VIDEO – Infernal rates, lack of personnel and resources… Hospital personnel were called to demonstrate throughout France on Tuesday. In Paris, a procession was to start around 10:30 am from Montparnasse in the direction of the Ministry of Health.

The anger is palpable. … Nurses, nursing aides and other hospital staff were called to demonstrate on Tuesday, by the FO, CGT, SUD and CFTC federations of the hospital public service. About twenty nursing, liberal or student organizations also planned to participate in this social movement.

In detail, a rally was taking place in Paris, at 10:30 am from Montparnasse station. The procession was then to set off towards the Ministry of Health, in the 7th arrondissement. Delegations were to be received by Marisol Touraine, according to the unions. However difficult to measure the extent of the anger, health personnel could be assigned to guarantee the continuity of care.

The grievances of hospital staff are numerous. “Budgetary strangulation”, lack of personnel, increase in activity… It is above all the degraded working conditions that are singled out. Christine, a 49-year-old nursing assistant, will demonstrate in the capital to denounce care carried out “on the chain” by “slaughtered” staff, without all the attention deserved by the patients, which it becomes “hard to face in the face. “.

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“Since 2012, the hospital is 10 billion euros more”

This summer, have brought to light growing suffering, say trade unionists. “We see an upsurge in suicide attempts, burn-out” in institutions, worries Denis Basset (FO). “Absenteeism is on the rise because the teams have been exhausted, staff are reminded of their rest time, retirements are not replaced”, deplores, for her part, the president of the National Nursing Coordination (CNI) Nathalie Depoire.

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In this context, the intersyndicale FO-CGT-SUD continues to demand the “abandonment” of. It also demands the stop, as well as the repeal of the health law. For their part, the 17 nursing organizations wish to highlight their profession, “despised” by the public authorities, according to the collective. Valuation of salaries in line with skills or the arduousness of the work, inclusion of nurses in discussions on the health system for students are some of the complaints.

If the Minister of Health were to receive delegations at the end of the morning, she repeated Monday evening, on RTL, that she would present “a strategy to improve working conditions”, “by the end of the month or at the beginning from the month of December at the latest ”. And the minister recalled that “since 2012, the hospital is 10 billion euros more”.

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