Nokia: Montebourg draws attention to a potential “social disaster”

The state must act to obtain from Nokia the suspension of its layoff plan in order to “prevent a social catastrophe” in France, urges the former Minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg in a column published by the Sunday newspaper. The Finnish telecom equipment supplier “wants to cut 986 jobs, mainly in research and development, on the sites of Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor) and Nozay (Essonne), or nearly a third of the workforce in France”, recalled Mr. Montebourg and the co-signatories of this platform, the PCF senator Gérard Lahellec and the deputy LR Marc Lefur, both elected from the Côtes d’Armor.

Denouncing “high-tech jobs lost, hundreds of young people made at low cost and seniors pushed into unemployment”, they believe “also and above all (that) the dismantling of a major telecoms player in France raises a question sovereignty and national security ”, because“ we cannot want to install 5G in a forced march and at the same time let the skills to develop and deploy it disappear ”. “We challenge the President of the Republic”, they continue, judging that it is necessary “immediately to act to obtain from Nokia the suspension of the layoffs plan” and thus to avoid “a social, environmental and industrial catastrophe”.

They call on “the State to organize a round table with the public authorities, Nokia employees and all interested parties to work on alternatives” and to “monitor the proper use of public aid in terms of investment and development. ’employment and investigate tax optimization practices’. The State has “levers”, insist the signatories, explaining that “all the patents created in France” by Nokia “are repatriated to Finland and that” thus, the group avoids paying taxes in France, while the State paid him 273 million euros of research tax credit ”.

They call for signing the online petition launched by the intersyndicale (CFDT, CGT, CFE-CGC, CFTC) of Nokia to demand the intervention of the President of the Republic.