Nîmes: employees on strike to save their director

The director of Conforama de Nîmes was dismissed on September 19 for “professional incompetence”. Twenty-eight employees went on strike on Saturday and petitioned customers to oppose the layoff.

It’s an unusual story that plays out at the Conforama store in Nîmes, in the Gard. For several days, the employees of the store have been mobilizing to save their director, who was made redundant on September 19. Out of 45 employees, they were 28 present on strike Saturday to demand explanations from the national leadership. A petition was also launched and “578 customers have already signed!” Declared Maguy employee representative, questioned by Le Figaro.

The predominant feeling among employees is incomprehension. Why was the director made redundant, “when we have been showing good sales growth since January, which makes the Nîmes site the 30th Conforama store in France in terms of turnover?” of employees surveyed by.

“Professional incompetence”

According to Maguy, the general management explained that the dismissal followed a check carried out on August 23. During this check, the inspectors found empty boxes, missing labels or even unmade beds. “Other stores were visited and had the same problem, but there were only warnings,” said Nicolas, also a staff representative, who denounces an “unfair dismissal” “We do not understand this type of management ”. A letter was sent to the national leadership to ask for explanations.

The employees say they are ready to continue their movement if the national leadership does not give a clear explanation of this dismissal. “The explanation put forward,“ professional insufficiency ”means everything and nothing. It does not satisfy us. We won’t be going out for a whole day, but why not twice an hour a week, ”explains Maguy. The national leadership was not reachable this morning.