Midwifery students will be paid as well as future doctors

As of today, these students benefit from hospital student status, in the same way as students in medicine, dental care or pharmacy. This status gives them in particular the right to 30 days of leave per year.

Student midwives will now be paid like their counterparts in medicine, dental care or pharmacy. A decree in fact grants them the status of “hospital student” from this Monday, just like the latter.

By virtue of this text, 4th and 5th year students in maieutics will now have “the status of public official”. This title is recognition of their participation “in hospital activity, like students in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy”. This new status has been a recurring request from students for several years. It is not only a symbol since it will allow these future midwives, when they carry out their internships, to now have the same paid leave, ie 30 days per year as their counterparts in other disciplines. They will also be covered in the same way in the event of sick leave, maternity leave or paternity leave.

Their remuneration will also be aligned with that of other hospital students. From November, it will drop from 1,200 euros to 1,550 euros gross annually in the 4th year, and from 2,400 to 3,000 euros approximately in the 5th year. Another new right, a fixed transport allowance of 130 euros gross per month may be requested by midwifery students for internships located “more than 15 kilometers” from their training structure.

Little-known midwifery skills

The president of their national association (Anesf), greeted AFP a “great advance” for these students. “We demanded this status during the great midwifery strike of 2013”, she recalled, stressing that midwifery students also spend, like doctors, dentists and pharmacists, the first common year of studies. health (Paces). It is also, according to her, “a step towards the integration of midwifery schools into the university” demanded by Anesf, these schools depending for the time being on the regions.

Three years ago, midwives mobilized strongly to demand a status of hospital practitioner on the model of that of doctors. In vain. The Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, however announced in March 2014 various measures for a better recognition of this profession. Since the adoption of the Health Law last year, midwives can, for example, carry out voluntary medical terminations of pregnancy or even vaccinate those around newborns. An information campaign on the skills of these practitioners was subsequently launched by the Minister. “Every French person knows when and why to consult a doctor or nurse. They are few – too few -, conversely, to know the extent of the skills of midwives ”, regretted Marisol Touraine.