Microsoft warns against Chinese hackers attacking its business email software

Called Hafnium, this group launched a campaign of cyber attacks against Microsoft Exchange and targeted researchers, lawyers and NGOs.

Microsoft Exchange, the American giant’s professional messaging software, has been the target of a group of Chinese hackers “highly skilled and sophisticated“Revealed the American giant on Wednesday.

Called Hafnium, this group exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange to steal the content of the mailboxes of its victims. According to Microsoft, which does not say how many entities may have been affected, the hackers have targeted infectious disease researchers, law firms and NGOs.

A cybercriminal group linked to China

According to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, this cybercriminal group is linked to China. It describes how it works: accessing an Exchange server using undiscovered vulnerabilities or stealing passwords. Then take remote control of the compromised server and gain access to data.

Microsoft has released a patch for the four detected vulnerabilities and notified relevant US government agencies.

Since discovery last December, Microsoft products have been under close surveillance. The group had revealed that, as a rebound to the initial attack against the software platform of the publisher Solarwinds, hackers had access to part of its source code by hacking into the account of an employee. She assured that until here, none of its products and services had been used to enable another attack. According to its chairman Brad Smith, Solarwinds which he described as “The most sophisticated we have ever seen so far”.