Listen to the third episode of the “Perspectives” podcast series

In its third episode, the series “Perspectives”, a podcast devoted to the responsible economy, deciphers the delicate game of investors.

When the global asset management giant Blackrock hammers out its convictions in favor of sustainable finance in the midst of a health crisis, it may be a sign …

«The pandemic we are currently facing highlights the fragility of the globalized world and the value of sustainable portfolios, said Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, at the end of March. Companies and investors with a strong raison d’être and a long-term approach will be better able to overcome this crisis and its consequences».

So, should this be seen as greenwashing or a sign of a paradigm shift?

In its third episode, “Perspectives”, the new podcast series from Figaro, is interested in this tidal wave which is now affecting investors. Or, at least, the most virtuous of them. They increasingly take climate risk into account in their decisions whether or not to invest in companies, but also in monitoring the companies in their portfolio.

They thus encourage investors to change their practices to improve their footprint on the planet and promote a better distribution of value between stakeholders. Especially since this corresponds to the aspirations of a large number of consumers, foremost among them, the younger generations.

Labels et certifications

A multitude of labels and certifications have emerged in recent years to assess the environmental and societal performance of companies. Ratings are given on the basis of various criteria related to carbon footprint, managerial practices, parity, diversity… But it remains difficult to navigate this jungle of labels.

To address these major challenges of ecological transition, “Perspectives” gives the floor to key players in the economy: Cé́cile Cabanis, Danone financial director, Henri Lachamnn, former CEO of Schneider Electric, Bris Rocher, CEO of Groupe Rocher, Tatiana Jama, entrepreneur, founder of the start-up Levia, Frédéric Samama, in charge of responsible investment at Amundi, Rodolphe Durand, professor at HEC, Fanny Picard, founder of Alter Equity, and Alain Grandjean, president of the Foundation Nicolas Hulot.

«Perspectives: a look at an economy on the move», A series by David Federmann and Keren Lentschner in six episodes, to be found on all podcast platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts…).