Liberal doctors demand more from François Hollande

Less than a month after signing the agreement which provides in particular to increase consultation of general practitioners, the MG France union is demanding more financial resources so that doctors can hire an assistant in particular.

that the negotiations to amend the text start again. Not only has the agreement between Health Insurance and the unions been obtained by forceps after five months of tough discussions, but some signatory unions are far from being satisfied.

This was already the case with the Fédération des médecins de France, which seems to have initialed the convention more out of interest than out of real conviction. “More than a billion euros put on the table, it is not negligible, recognized last August its president, Jean-Paul Hamon, who nevertheless claimed five. A left at bay will give more money than a newly elected right ”. Another interest, each union which signs the text receives a certain sum per year during the five years that the agreement lasts. For example, MG France, which represents liberal doctors, will receive 50,000 euros per year, or 250,000 euros in total. “We are not making any profit,” assures Claude Leicher, its chairman. This sum is fully reinvested within the framework of conventional actions, in particular to inform, or even defend, doctors ”.

“Doctors spend 20 to 30% of their time doing other things than treating their patients”

Claude Leicher, President of MG France

This does not prevent MG France, less than a month after the official signing of the agreement, to demand more financial resources. The union asks in particular to increase the structural package from 4,500 euros per year to … 30,000 euros. This structural package is supposed to allow doctors on the one hand to invest in IT tools, and on the other hand to recruit an assistant in order to free up time for doctors. The goal? Facilitate patient follow-up. Thus, of the 4,500 euros, nearly 2,000 euros are devoted to IT tools and the remaining 2,500 euros to the recruitment of an assistant. “But these 2,500 euros only represent one month’s salary. To cover the entire year, we would therefore need an additional 28,000 euros, ”explains Claude Leicher. Problem: changing the structure package to 30,000 euros would cost 1.5 billion euros, in addition to the 1.3 billion that Health Insurance and mutuals will pay for the new agreement. A perspective that seems unlikely when we know the current state of public finances.

However, MG France defended the idea on Wednesday afternoon with the entourage of François Hollande. He will do so in the coming weeks with the presidential candidates. “Our goal is not to circumvent the medical convention but to point the finger at an organizational problem in our health system: doctors spend 20 to 30% of their time doing something other than treating their patients. It’s too much! In addition, 90 to 95% of general practitioners practice in areas where there is a shortage of doctors. The result: GPs now make 27 million visits, compared to 77 million at the start of the 2000s ”. What could be better than an election campaign to get your messages across! Moreover, on the government side, we are not fooled. “MG France is making its proposals in view of the 2017 presidential election,” explains a source familiar with the matter. We quite agree on the observation, namely that time must be freed up for doctors, but the measures proposed by MG France are not topical ”.

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