“Le Roi de la Capote” is now well established

After eight years of existence on the Internet, the French leader in online condom sales is opening the first permanent store in Paris where there will be something for everyone.

The King of the Condom is tailor-made. Male or female, with or without latex, vibrant, scented or colored, the condom is available in all shapes and sizes on the website of the French leader in online sales. After eight years of existence, its founder Marc Pointel has finally achieved his initial objective: to open the first store in France entirely devoted to the subject, located on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris.

Courier service

Marc Pointel thus hopes to boost his sales. “Online commerce only represents 5% of merchant flows. To gain market share, opening a store quickly becomes essential. ” Currently, he sells 1.5 million condoms a year – that’s one every 21 seconds, he says. This represents 20,000 orders per year and generates a turnover of 550,000 euros. “The biggest consumers come from Bordeaux, the Alpes-Maritimes, Paris, but also from Lille where they are sacred rascals,” he understands.

Opening this store was not easy. “When I arrived in front of the financiers, explaining to them that I would call my shop ‘The King of the Condom’, more than one fell from his chair,” recalls Marc Pointel. But he stuck to that name. “When I was younger, I read an article in Point in which the prostitutes of the marshals nicknamed their supplier of condoms the “king of the condom”, and I found this name extraordinary “, he says. It was therefore necessary to show a white leg, to prove that the project was neither closely nor remotely akin to a sex shop. “We have fallen back into an extremely puritanical social environment, and the sale of products related to love and sex is taboo,” he continues. When we buy condoms, we have the impression of announcing to the whole world that we are going to have sex. “

To promote discretion, the brand is increasing its delivery methods. It is of course possible to receive it by post. The more reserved can also order on the Internet and pick up the package in front of the store, without having to return. Le Roi de la Capote even offers a courier service in intramural Paris. Those in a hurry can get their order within three hours, or even within the hour, paying a full price.

To set his store apart from pharmacies and supermarkets, he relies on choice, advice and tailor-made products. “I work with an American brand that prose 95 different sizes. The customer can download a template from the Internet or pick it up in the store, take his measurements at home and thus know his precise size when he returns to the store. ” He also thought of the most sensitive as well as the less lively, for whom he offers anesthetic gels, or food supplements to stimulate libido.

Persuaded that the man saw the use of the condom like castration, this holder of a university degree in sexology, ex-advertiser, wants “to re-eroticize the condom, to show that it is not the enemy but the best. friend of man ”. A remark that sounds like a slogan.