Jean Castex confirms a reopening of shops “around December 1st”

The Prime Minister confirmed that businesses will be able to reopen in a few days, but not restaurants and bars.

Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed on Saturday November 21 the horizon of a reopening “around December 1st” shopping, “but not restaurants and bars», While maintaining an element of conditionality. “Do not expect a specific date this morning from me, because my indicator is the health criteria“, Explained the head of government to a delegation of traders and craftsmen gathered at the prefecture of Côte-d’Or in Dijon:”They are oriented in the right direction. But we said (that) at the beginning of next week, we should have a consolidated vision».

«We know what we would do if. We have priorities. We will indeed reopen shops that are not essential around December 1st. We will not be reopening restaurants and bars around December 1st. We can not“, But the government continues”discussion with them to give them visibility and support them», He continued. On this same occasion, “we should reopen, because the Council of State invited us to do so, the places of worship“, He continued, recalling in passing that”freedom of worship was also a constitutional principle.»

«We must organize our resilience and avoid having to resume tightening measures, from which you suffer and which also affect public finances.“, Underlined Jean Castex, who also estimated that the economic activity had decreased”three times less»During the second confinement than during the first, in the spring. “We see, thanks to practices like yours, that health indicators are improving“, Had previously declared the Prime Minister during a visit to a bookstore-stationery:”We all hope, me the first, that in a few days you will be able to find (…) an activity“, Even if it is not”completely normal».

The boss of the bookshop Christophe Fressy had just explained to him that half of the 23 people working in the establishment had been placed on short-time work.

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