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Spending millions of dollars is cryptic and incredibly easy in the world. Ian Balina, an American investor who became famous for his advice on YouTube, was also convinced of this. During his last pmho transfer, someone hacked her bag and deprived her of less than two million dollars (40 million crowns).

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new conjecture and, due to their complicated technical functioning, are not completely intelligible to most people. While in classical (so-called fiat) many long-term practice, I understand what you have to watch out for, in cryptocurrencies it is more complicated. You should have a lot of security and you can drink a huge name.

Ian Balina

Ian Balina

The first thing that happened to Ian Balin, an American investor who left his job at IBM and started a crypto-investment business. He often showed on his Friday how exactly he invested and how much he spent. And in January 2018, before correcting the cryptocurrency market, he reported on Australian television that the dog had spent three million dollars on cryptocurrency. Even after the market fell by almost half, Balina could still boast of a rich and varied portfolio.

diaryofamademan (Instagram)
11.April 2018 at 15:58, pspvek archivovn: 18.April 2018 at 14:52

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During the last live broadcast, where (somewhat paradoxically) he advised users on how to metaphorically hack the system, the Balina bag, according to them, may have become a hacker flow: I ended the day in the broadcast because someone hacked me, he said on Twitter. Don’t worry about pensions. I got a hard lesson. All I want is for the hacker to be caught.

Ian Balina (Twitter)@DiaryofaMadeMan
16.April 2018 at 10:04, pspvek archivovn: 18.April 2018 at 15:16

Crypto Family, I need you now more than ever. I ended today’s live stream b/c I am being hacked. I’m not worried about the money. I learned my lesson. I only care about catching the hacker. Please email any information to [email protected] Thank you all the support. $ETH $BTC

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How to hack an expert or watch out for star e-mail

During ivho prominently, one of the girls wrote to Balin: Ian, in which someone transferred all the tokens (simplified one type of cryptocurrency derived from another cryptocurrency, such as ethereum, ed. Note) from yours here? I hope I’m in control. Balina did not respond to this comment, and after the stream failed for several hours (the day due to the power supply peruen), he continued to dream.

In the pmm transmission, the spectators could watch his killer, when he jumped deep in the view. You were thrown out of here! was about Google Docs, where Balina managed an overview of his investments.

Ian Balina in the screenshot z

Ian Balina in the screenshot from ivho sent out

But it wasn’t just about Google et. The hacker, in particular, got to the next data that Balina had stored in the cloud. Including his remark in the Evernote service, where youtuber had, in his own words, stored a private key and password for his various wallets.

Ian Balina

Ian Balina

I think it happened as follows, Balina later described. My old university email address was listed as a bad email for my email and password loss. I remember receiving information from my university that this address had been compromised. I tried to eit it with them, but in the end I let it be, I figured it was just an old unused address.

But first this address, especially the tonics, gained access to his gmail here and the dog then accessed the notes in Evernote. Here he then encrypted the notes and passwords, how to decrypt these notes.

Hackei m oloupili me bt vmluva

So far, we have presented Balin’s version of pbhu, in which youtuber has become a victim of carelessness and unknown tonk.

Bob Arctor (Twitter)@Bob__Arctor
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@DiaryofaMadeMan Found the hacker – you avoiding taxes. What’s the reward?

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I found the thief. It’s you, try to avoid the tax, wrote one of Balin’s followers. He was especially interested in our incident – just before April 17, which is this year’s deadline for filing tax returns. Profits from scramble trades must be taxed in the US (and elsewhere). Therefore, some people speculate that Balin transferred funds from his publicly known portfolio to secret, anonymous addresses so that he could declare a loss (or make a profit).

Balina resolutes the following speculations:

Ian Balina (Twitter)@DiaryofaMadeMan
April 17, 2018 at 00:21, pspvek archivovn: April 18, 2018 at 16:44

3/ Any suggestions that I would fabricate a hack to avoid tax evasion are flagarantly wrong and should know better. Looking forward to turning this L into a W.

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He admitted that he was careless and did not take security for what he paid. He later added that he was cooperating with the FBI and with the operators of the Biannce and Kucoin stock exchanges to catch the perpetrators.

Youtubei lure criminals because they brag about their spuchy

Among cryptoyoutubers, Balina would not be the first victim of fraud. Probably the best known cryptocelebrity to have a similar problem is Peter Saddington. Tonight in 2017, they stole the phone number, presumably a shrewd look at Verizon’s customer support. Saddington did not say how much pension he lost, but discussed a significant amount.

When I started, I showed people on YouTube the details of mm stores. I’ve learned that’s not a good idea, Saddington explains. Youtubei probably have to get a hard lesson. There is no bottom bank for which you can pay for the plaques and they steal a pension in the well. No, the new reality is different. If you drank bitcoins, it’s one hundred percent your fault.

According to Balin’s long-term colleague, youtuber Ken Bosak, Balin was caroling about hacking: Public showed the value of his portfolio. He boasted that there were more than two million dollars. The darkness attracted attention. It’s as if the public is announcing that he’s stuffed two million dollars into a mattress.

Bosak laughed about not having a lot of pensions due to carelessness: When I started, I used my public e-mail and my name. Some of the views even showed where I lived. Remember that the cryptocurrency user must be extremely careful and must not trust anyone: The whole concept of cryptocurrency is based on your own bank. You can only blame yourself for any loss. Other youtuberm recommends creating a nickname that is not linked to their name, using separate addresses and telephone numbers, and not bragging about your public finances.

It is also good to follow the general principles of safe work online, for example, to use strong passwords and two-factor ovens, which would, for example, prevent the Balin case in the cross here. In general, there are a number of non-intuitive things in the cryptocurrency world. Just as you wouldn’t open a bank if you don’t understand the finances, you shouldn’t rely on your security unless you know how secure your data is and how easily someone can access it.