YouTube as a retirement factory. How does advertising work on this portal?

It’s around retirement and it’s no different on YouTube. Only when the morality and ethics become entangled in the advertising carousel, it makes me gul, where everyone is melted. Today, let’s explain how the advertising system works and look at it from the perspective of all parties.

The days of everything are over. As the platform becomes a traditional broadcast channel, it is still important for independent authors to make a living out of their work. The YouTube star was a bubble that burst and took with it many of us to Technet Derek Miller from the Explosm Entertainment video channel.

The dog is watched by eight million users and is famous for the ernohumorn comic Cyanide & Happiness. The massive fan base has created a stable income on YouTube thanks to advertising. After many years of existence, however, the creators recently signed up and found out that their canal was demonstrably without any reason – the advertising dairy caught up.

Pnov from Explosm are not the first and especially not the last. Let’s take a look at their pbh, let’s explain how the advertising system on YouTube works and how some users can become millions and then easily drink.

Oima tvrceHow to make money

In order to be able to make money thanks to YouTub, you have to create the content or have a patin for it first. Otherwise, your video will most likely find the Content ID page we wrote about here. Once you have video content that meets the terms of the platform, you can start earning money.

Promotion is paid for me often. YouTube defines it as content created for a fee for this party or to which this party and the product included are incorporated. So as soon as the creator promotes someone, he has to tick the patina button and this information will appear to the user under the video. If you want to tell the creators more clearly, YouTube has an overlay text layer that will be in the first seconds of the video.


Videos tagged in this way may show ads below, and product placement information may eliminate those that promote competition. The first advertisements are a tool that is used by most creators.


SPECIL: Youtube generation

The first step to debt is to turn on monetization (foam) in the Studio for Authors. Since November 20, the creators have been making a difference: in order to be included in the advertising videos, you will have to earn at least a thousand subscribers and 4,000 hours of video watching during the year. This is much better than the two limit of ten thousand views, and it seems like an ikanzn for a small channel. But we will get to the bottom of this measure.

Advertising needs not only on YouTub, but also on Google AdSense, which is the marketing kingdom of AlphaBet. It is such a means of paying pensions. YouTub’s pensions are collected in his penny, explains Tary for Technet esk youtuber. Once you fill in the patina data, the ad door is open. you will be waiting for them in the advertiser, which will now be taken away from their noise.

Oima firemHow are the possibilities of advertising

YouTube works mainly with advertising, so it’s no surprise that it uses several types. The selection is from the following:


source: YouTube

For users, they are some of the most annoying video ads before or during the video. Cars can choose whether or not to go peskoit. The advantage of peskoiteln is long: you can set anything from a five-second spot to a quiet hour of advertising. The second plus is the limit: the submitter pays only when the user sees either the entire clip or at least thirty seconds.

A special type are the so-called microspots (Bumper Ads), which last exactly five seconds. So there is no possibility of fishing, advertising is over. Non-skippable ads have a limit of 15 – 20 seconds. Businesses can also choose an ad member by many categories, such as country, demographics, or darkness, which YouTube collects with Google.

Most of the videos you know fall into the TrueView category. The elite area is Google Preferred, which covers the most popular videos and channels with quality content. Who belongs to him? This determines the score, which is a combination of viewership (number of views) and activity (number of likes and comments).

Only if you are one of the most watched youtubers, I don’t mind. The well-known American vloger Logan Paul was convinced of this, who was caught up with Google Preferred after the death of a dead man in the Japanese forest. First, the human factor of ethics and, together with it, the controversy of censorship and discrimination.

Oima YouTubeA cruel censor or a businessman?

The scene is sure, the content is searchable and it occurs to me that there is no freedom like two. Enough creators me my videos so that they can drink and make money. Due to that, their work looks completely different today, miss Tara.

Logan Paul ended up going by. Although he is not among the bills of exchange, he still makes advertising on YouTube. One day, the team from Explosm Entertainment saw on the channel that the green dollar icon turned yellow. And that means only one thing: the content is no longer suitable for advertisers.


The best paid youtubei last year

That was in, nothing in YouTube said for Technet Miller from Explosm. We spoke with our colleagues from Studio71, who, like us, perceive that the demonization is packing and we hear more and more parties. Now make a shin pension through the crowdfunding portal of Patreon, so that they can continue to hit current employees and equipment.

It should be noted that the mole skan Cyanide & Happiness are not really correct. Peprn vulgarity std ernoern humor with nudity, drawn by. On the other hand, it has been in the horses for years and it might seem that animtoi can rightly see this as unfair discrimination.

It’s not that ernobl. YouTube is not a censor of its own, it wants two things: to make a living and to be stupid. The wave of demonization was started by a link in the British Times about pedophiles gathering in the comments below the video. Even in response, YouTube has been left with swarms of influential brands such as Adidas, Deutche Bank and Lidl. And this is a separate painter for marketers, of course.

Because moral values ​​do not change machines but only people, the army got the people. The controllers select channels that are not 100% serious and correct, and the platform gradually demonstrates them.

Tary complements his own experience: the yellow dollar can also appear in individual videos. It does not design or promote YouTube. In one video, they marked him like that, even though he drank in his horseshoe. I filed a protest and the verdict was the same. When I woke up on video in two weeks, it was on the green dollar again. But the audience was not logical, so I fought for a profit.

YouTube has gone out of business and will continue to monetize its skills for the creators. Unfortunately, there is no comparable alternative for us yet, and there is no possibility to leave, as some advertisers have done.

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