You like it, Kazma and Mare box. Kutil connected Facebook with reality

Like it or heart? The first sign of the hole for Kazma, if you choose a heart, gets a hand Mare. Pimprlov’s theater, controlled by a dog on Facebook, gained great popularity during Mare’s case of losing szky. The author of hka, Jan Admek, was about to give news, which you will also see at Maker Faire 2018 in Prague.

At first glance, just a funny nonsense, with a close connection between the completely virtual world of Facebook and other social networks with real reality. Kazma’s boxing match with Leo Mare is not the first Camaradioani project by Jan Admek, who is behind it.

I wanted to connect the virtual world of social networks with that real thing. People should realize that what they say on Facebook will be reflected in the real world, explains the origin of the idea by Jan Admek.

Camaradio is its own poll, where according to the selected emoticon, a selected DJ will take place in the real world. First, Admek developed a popular fidget spinner in his project. If a Facebook user liked it, the game spun to the left, responding to the heart by moving to the right. At the same time, the name was shown on the display, and anyone could watch the result on Facebook.

In the next production, the recipients could in the same way ignite the candles or blow bubbles from the bubble blower in the same way. So far, Admk’s latest point is to change her fight. For a total of less than two hours, you can visit the project.

All mechanical systems are controlled by a program in Arduino (ultra-cheap single sweat). Due to the anticipated use of Admek, you can use a separate server on which the Facebook application can only bear the results (like or heart).

About who's going
Duel Kazma vs Mare

The technet outside the tree, which you could light up on a lubricating tram passing through Prague at Christmas, worked on a similar principle. The way the light was lit was not chosen by the recipients via Facebook, but in a special application. You can find more about the joint project and the association dn vda in this article.


Kazma Vs. Big

Dalm Admk’s project will be a robotic arm placed in a secret place in a public space. Symbolically, it will point to the Castle and, according to the selected symbol, it will come out with a movement of emotion, which the user is associated with the current staffing of this beautiful building.

Jan Admek is thus the founder of the Underground Comedy project, in which stand-up comedians have appeared for three years, performing throughout the country and in a separate television program. You can meet her in person on Saturday or Sunday at the 21st century do-it-yourself trade fair Maker Faire 2018 in Prague-Vstaviti.

If you don’t have tickets, we have pro vs een. You can find him in the box. You will also see some of the editors in the city, because the server is a partner of the whole event. In addition, together with members of the dn vda association, we helped this world of DIY beer.

Maker Faire is a globally acclaimed series of events initiated in 2006 by the editor of Make magazine in San Francisco. This year, for the first time, Maker Faire Prague 2018 also took place in Czech. Hobby makers, DIY technology, craftsmen and climbers will meet at the crack on the weekend of June 23 and 24, 2018 in Prmyslov thumb. The festival is truly for everyone.