Who will win the World Cup? The witnesses asked uml intelligence

The sports world is the ongoing world championship and the results are guessed in addition to games and heavy offices and artificial intelligence. Newly developed machines have been identified as a major country, but the estimate is to be taken with a margin for several reasons.

To be precise, it’s not clear. According to the developed artificial intelligence (AI), the championship of the world football championship will become Spain, but only tsn. While 17.8 percent write to the Spanish national darkness, 17.1 percent write to the second Germany. With a bounce of five percentage points, Brazil, France and Belgium follow.

Dark German and Belgian academics are behind the project. Advanced software used statistics of previous wastes and data of individual games to predict and simulated 100 thousand different possibilities of how the MS could develop.

The Chancellor favors Germany and, as a result, admits that one-on-one panels would beat him. According to artificial intelligence, this team will win because difficult opponents will be waiting for them on the way to the finale and the probability of a hurry is decreasing.

If the biggest neighbor reaches the semifinals with Spain, they will beat him by 55 percent. According to the simulation, Spain has a strong advantage due to the fact that its potential rivals in the spider, Russia and Argentina, are slightly opponents of Germany, ie Switzerland and England. In addition, according to the intelligentsia, he had a Spanish and a small group. So if Germany gets to the quarterfinals, it will become a favorite to win.

The truth

The most likely spider (source: arxiv.org)


Probability of procedure and question (source: arxiv.org)

m scientists AI equipped?

AI used several methods in the analysis. In order to make the right decision, she acted as a so-called classifier. It divided the data according to validity and assigned them coefficients of importance. According to the method of random forest (Random forest), which uses the so-called regression analysis. This determines the probability of the value value (the amount of value) on the basis of other variables.

In this way, it generated thousands of different options and variants, thanks to which the scientists observed the probability of individual rivals in the favorites. First, it was one of the key factors for the end of probability. Minimal deviations in the end of the game were also caused by other factors, such as the number of games from the highest league competitions and the nationality of the coach. You can learn more about the methodology in the study (PDF).

Spain or Brazil?

We know more and more that surveys and estimates are in line with reality, and in sports, where anything can happen, it pays twice as much. Moreover, this artificial intelligence is not the only one that estimates so much. Goldman Sachs has developed a similar one for the second time and favors Brazil. The fact that she didn’t hit the last championship speaks against credibility.

If intelligence could make me look like a genius machine for someone, whose estimated capacity will estimate the result much better than a hunter, you still have to take it with a grain of salt. The guidelines for its reasoning are further defined by the hunter and the result is so influenced, as we can see in a comparison of the two changes.