Tips for interesting websites: loyalty cards in mobile and online marketing

Sdruit customer cards into one and transfer them to your mobile phone via the project. Get your digital knowledge up and running the online marketing corps of Google with its Learndigital project. And if you think green, then you will like the magazine

One application for all loyalty cards

So there are so many so-called customer cards in my wallet, thanks to which you can reduce better prices at merchants, rewards and other benefits in shops and for services? Whenever a company issues its card, you have both plates and cards. Now you can do ptr and all of them are on your mobile thanks to

The service makes shopping and even a city in the wallet of loyalty cards easier and you will have shopping in one place on your mobile phone. Just own a smartphone with Android and iOS operating systems and download the application. You will then load a number of club cards. Get a bag and put benefits.

It will be easier for you to apply for membership in the new loyalty programs. It is easy to use. In the store and in the city where you want to use the card, just turn off the phone with this application and show it to the cashier.
Similar to the web squadron shop in one city value card

Start your digital knowledge

Digitln gar is a project of Google that wants to help start the digital knowledge of Czech Internet users. In the form of learning from the knowledge of online marketing, which will help you to orientate in this world and you will grow.

The educational project presents on the Internet a number of things from search to social. Learn how what works and how to use it to get the result you want. The digital gar offers 23 topics that contain 89 lessons. It is designed so that it does not require the user’s technical proficiency. Bring darkness into the world of the Internet and illustrate how search engine works. But also explain email marketing, advertising, content advertising on Google, Google Analytics and also provide information on the mobile environment, video marketing or online sales. After discussing each lesson in the form of a video in eth, there is knowledge of the test room. On the other hand, there is a certificate issued, which can be used by current and potential employers.
Similar to the web ute se jinak PPC advertising guide

Chytr a pro kadho –

Is it better to heat with gas, electricity, and solid fuels? And is it worthwhile to buy a heat pump? Think about your own house and don’t know whether to choose a wooden, brick or concrete building? The answers may seem sad, but are you aware of what the case is, or the type of choice you need to keep? The website could help you.

Here you will find information you want to know about healthy lifestyles, modern lifestyles and energy savings. Pedvny are not only a form of lnk, but also a tip, various calculations, ideas, advice and views on events, which is not burdened by ideologues. Following the example of a series of spnch copper from abroad, it pins not only verbal advice, but also additional functions, and then it is up to you to decide for your first choice. There are two people here who want a modern, hectic time to be healthy, in the same environment and with the same conscience. First, the website offers them a mix of instructions, comments and tips on how to offer opportunities in the field of modern lifestyle, and their dedication to whether they are really feasible and controversial. Among other things, find out if it makes sense to think about solar panels, how to save on electricity or car consumption. There are articles on organic food, elimination of health risks in the apartment or modern hybrid engines. In the discussion fru, you can get advice and ask what you suffer from.
Similar to the web sales, ecology and life appropriate food and health style

Uwwwzlo v sti

You can easily compare prices for gas and electricity at In a few calculations, you can spend a few clicks on how much you would pay from competing suppliers available in your city.

If it is necessary to fill in the address of residence, for better servers it is enough to enter the street and help the asker to choose an option, and so the rest will appear in other fields. In order to do this, the site managers can use the smart forms, which can be found at Once you integrate it on the web, there is a lengthy listing.

Find a suitable photo, illustration for in the document and on the web, or on a social network? If you want it for free, then try the stockstock Thousands of available photographs can be discovered by searching for keywords. Each photo has detailed information, such as where it came from, who is the author, date of issue, etc.