They dug up people in the photos. Police arrested them for stamina

U.S. police arrest founder. Vin is from vydrn and pran pinavch penz. publishes photos of the people and then charges them to publish such photos. also publishes photos of people arrested by the police (so-called mug shot, ie the photos are covered, typically from the front and in profile). Along with these photographs, which he downloads from police stations throughout the United States, he also distributes the names of the people in the photographs and gave personal data. These are then searchable on the Internet. this is often the first result associated with a person’s name in search. For many people, this later means a problem when looking for employment, enough about a job or in your personal life – even though they have been found innocent by the court.

There are services that promise to remove photos from these public databases for a fee. How to put it? Simply put: they have the same operator (we wrote about this business on the edge in 2011).

Vydrn, slander and pran pinavch penz, to sttn zstupce


Mention pages on photos of people arrested on the web also leave photos of people who have been wronged or accused by mistake.

California’s top official has now accused the three men of running offspring of Their full member slept in one of the foreign peoples, said the state’s representative Xavier Becerra. It is simple and easy to discard (in English exploitation, editor’s note).

The defendants are named Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, Thomas Keesee and David Usdan. The Canadian Prosecutor’s Office is to blame for the fact that in recent years 175 individuals have collected $ 64,000 per share (about 1.4 million crowns, ie about 8 thousand crowns per person). talked only about the victims in California, across the United States defendants spent about two million dollars (over 40 million crowns) from the tens of six thousand people. Police were looking for victims of this act, which he described as perseverance and abuse. In addition, the defendants are accused of krdee identity and pran pinavch penz.

This is not the first lawsuit against similar sites, but it has been a civil dispute, which is costly and often unfeasible for victims. Only the state or federal prosecutor’s office in this case has enough means to bring the case to an end, told American elementary Scott Ciolek for ArsTechnica, who took part in one of the previous lawsuits against However, after the closure of the California leg, the collected evidence will be available to other victims. If penalties bring results, there will be a precedent set that will help people across the United States. Mugshots is far from the only site that benefits from public photographs.