The whole country without the Internet. Stty’s examining his censorship

Blocking access to the Internet is usually known as extreme censorship. In some countries, this bag is taken as a common measure to prevent students from taking the exams. The Internet for several hours does not work for anyone at all, not even through mobile operators.

Does the internet work for you?

Of course not. Today are the graduation ovens!

A similar interview can take place this and five weeks in offices across Alrska. As we informed her on Thursday, the government there was an effort to block access to the Internet throughout the country during the current graduation exams.

According to the BBC, blocking is absolute and affects both fixed and mobile connections. Students do not have the opportunity to use Google, Wikipedia or any other indispensable means of instant knowledge. At that time, no one even gave access to the Internet in the whole of tens of millions of countries (the Internet here was otherwise used by about 45% of the population).

Algerian Radio (Twitter)@radioalgerie
20.ervna 2018 v 11:30, pspvek archivovn: 22.ervna 2018 v 16:06

Here are the hours of suspension of the #internet service during the tests of # Bac2018 / @Algerie_Telecom

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Voluntary destruction did not help, so the blockade was hard

The internet block will start at the moment of the exam’s arrest and will last for a full 60 minutes, which they have to fill in and submit to the written test. These hours of downfall will affect the customs of Algeria and will be repeated. The tests take place on different wheels on different dates. This year, more than 700,000 passed the tests in two press tests between June 20 and 25.

Alrsk, the minister of the nation, Nouria Benghrabitovnavc, stated that the specific social system with Facebook will be blocked for the whole time, which will be difficult exams: It thus refers to the year 2016, when no test leaked to the Internet and the masses went first after social events. At that time, the minister of the cops was crying in front of the cameras – a scandal scandal scandal in the link with the Almerian Confusion.

In 2017, the government only filed with ISPs to block social networks, but this voluntary measure was not given enough. That is why the Internet is blocked hard this year.

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Cisco globln map crash information (June 20 and 21, 2018)

Benghrabitov thus stated that they were admitted and given care in the test halls. Two have safety frames to prevent students from carrying any electronics. In addition, security cameras and mobile signal handles are installed at the printers where the tests are printed.

Cvin censorship of the Internet

Graduation blackout is not a novelty this year, as might be the case at first. Experience with it has a population of at least five countries and other territories:

  • Uzbekistn in 2014, it blocked the internet on august 1 during university exams. The blockade concerned not only the Internet, but also text at first. Oban received an SMS informing him that there was an urgent gossip st. According to Rdia free Europe, this is a common practice in Uzbekistan, so it is not just about 2014, we have made changes to the limited ones from 2011.
  • Ethiopia in 2017 it blocked access to the internet (and in 2016 it blocked access to social networks), the government justified this because it did not want questions from national tests to escape the internet.
  • Alrsko is blocking the Internet throughout the country for the first time this year, the blocking will take place repeatedly within six days.
  • Irk This year it is also blocking the Internet due to exams (but it was tested in 2015), the blocking will take place in the next two weeks, always at the time of the final exams.
  • Srie blocked access to the Internet between July 31 and August 11, especially due to ongoing tests.
  • Indickstt Gujarat belong to the regions that blocked the access of the population to the Internet in 2016 for several hours due to ongoing tests

All these lands are connected by one property. Be very careful about the freedom of speech and often have a notch in the overview of Freedom on the Net (if included).

According to critics, shutting down the Internet during state tests is very dangerous. Governments are defending this drastic with a wide range of test frauds, but they never provide evidence to show such evidence, warns activist Grant Baker in an interview with Al-Dazra. The governments do not show whether these measures actually prevented fraud, add. According to him, the habit of blocking the Internet during exams is growing from year to year and spreading to other countries.

Not so much the government would be able to take its country away from the Internet in this way. One of the consequences of these Internet defects at the time of the tests may also be the censorship of the Internet uncertainly, ie the fact that the blocking mechanisms work as they should, that the order cannot be easily circumvented. This is useful to me if he wants to block the Internet for other reasons, due to threats of civil unrest, as was the case last year in Togo. Therefore, according to critics of Internet censorship, it is important to draw attention to cases where governments get their hands on the possibility of blocking the Internet.

Should it be blocked in Czech?

On top of that, especially for the sake of interest, we looked at how it is with the use of the Internet in Czech high school graduations. Terms appearing in this year’s didactic tests from ethiny were searched on Wikipedia for a lot more during and after graduation:

Concepts of insight

Terms searched during / after eskch sttnch maturit from Czech language (

The total pots are quite small. This in itself does not mean that only hundreds of people would search for the term, you could be satisfied with just looking in the search, and this will not be reflected in the statistics of Wikipedia. In addition, people could look for the term and after the graduation exam, not during the exam, so this is not proof of any fraud.

And even if the student cheats, it is hard to imagine that the whole Internet would be silent for a few hours, with all the online activities, such as shopping, communication, banking, security and the like. Only a country flirting with authoritarian practices can really afford such a step.