Rusk’s design affected the British election. They supported Corbyn on Twitter

The then administration affected the outcome of the British parliamentary elections. those, especially with English Czech names, were positive at first about Labor in the elder with Jeremy Corbyn. S informs piel denk The Times.

Thousands of Russian citizens on the Twitter social network before the Russian parliamentary elections in Britain promoted a positive message about the Labor Party and, conversely, targeted conservatives. The British daily The Times wrote on Monday, examining the darkness together with Swansea University staff. This is the first evidence of Russia’s efforts to influence the election in favor of Labor Jeremy Corbyn.

A number of newspapers and academics tracked down 6,500 Russian people who, in the weeks before the election elections, saw to help the Labor campaign. Many of them clearly show that these are shoes, ie profiles controlled by people, not people. The academics said that those identified by this day were just the tip of the iceberg, and called on Twitter to fully investigate the true extent of Russian exchange into British politics, the paper wrote.

Falen allegedly hid behind Czech English names, and 80 percent of them were founded in the week before the elections held on July 8, 2017. These were subsequently mobilized in key moments of the campaign, during Labor support voters rose from 25 percent to 40 percent.

Apel na volie labourist

The Times wrote that Russia had demonstrably shared the contributions of a labyrinth and laughing conservatives, or helped Corbyn turn the Manchester bombing into a dark campaign by criticizing Prime Minister Therese Mayov for dreaming police officers during his tenure at the Home Office.

Our audience found enormous support for Corbyn and Labor in the Russian social network, with nine out of ten initially promoting her campaign. On the other hand, nine out of ten tweets about conservatives were Neptelic, according to The Times.

The mobilization of the Russian dynasty culminated on election day in the first, calling on Labor voters to go to the polls. The Mayans and Conservatives then suffered a victory in the election as they drank in the lower house of parliament. Since then, the minorities have been supported by the Northern Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

In the past, the British government has accused Russia of interfering in foreign elections and of launching the falench first into the copper. She rejected a bag that would affect the election in Britain, Reuters reported.