Rusk kontroln ad v ri. He warns Facebook again that he’s going to catch him

Russia’s Internet and Communications Supervisor Roskomnadzor warned that Facebook could be blocked in the country if Russia did not meet Russian requirements. In an interview with the daily Izvestia, this was stated by Alexander Arov of Roskomnadzor. A key Russian condition is the obligation to store data on Russian users in Russia, not abroad.

This week in Russia is marked by the censorship series Roskomnadzor. As of Monday, he has been trying to fight the communiqué there, the Telegram service, and now he is repeating a warning to Facebook against a breach of law.

The company received the same warning last year. Make a salary for everyone. We will always make sure that the law is respected, or if the company stops working in Russia, as has unfortunately happened to LinkedIn. Exceptions do not apply here, he declared.

The amendment to the Personal Data Act, which requires the storage of personal data about Russian users in Russia, was adopted in 2014. Last November, Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit against the demolition of the LinkedIn social network as a company that did not fully comply, and was subsequently blocked in Russia.

Facebook m pl of the year

We will carry out an inspection in the company before the end of 2018, or there are several conditions that must be met, say. In addition to moving databases of Russian users, he has changed the need for Facebook to remove all illegal content at all.

also stated that Facebook met the full demand in full demand. If it is not introduced, or if the Russian government does not take the necessary steps to inform about their changes, then the question of blocking will become quite active, he warned.

Roskomnadzor meets with Facebook representatives at regular plronch intervals. The last one took place this year in Norway. Roskomnadzor after the operator of the social network newly explained to disconnect some of the Russian copper. This is related to a recent announcement by the operator that it deleted several hundred profiles associated with the Russian group, which the US authorities accused of trying to influence the US elections.