Poor or god? You can tell by the toilet paper and the toothbrush

The Dollar Street Internet project captures the lives and homes of families around the world. You can go through their household, the view from the window and dreams and tubes. And it’s up to you what you take away from the virtual walk.

Imagine you are entering a special street. A long line of houses, on her arrest are the poorest families in the world. m according to it, the quality of life improves, and at the end of it communicates the biggest gods of the boulevard. You can now embark on a virtual tour of this street.

Dollar Street is the brainchild of young thanks Anna Rosling Rnnlundov, who started the project on behalf of the GapMinder Foundation. People from other cultures are often perceived as both menacing and exotic. That must change. We want to show how the people are really approaching zmrRnnlundov.

And she decided not to enlighten her through cultural tradition or austere of dates, but a picture of what we all have in common: home.

Over the years, the photographer Padestka has photographed over 260 families in remote countries around the world. She captured not only their pbhy and lazy, but especially how and where he lived. Thanks to them, you can also go to the household equipment, access to drinking water or with your hands.

It takes a ride

On the main page is a mosaic of families. In the left column they are the poorest, in the direction of the right then the data increase (the authors preferred the data to income as a criterion). From the Burundian Butoyi family, who make $ 27 msn, you can get to the Biovm, who spend more than $ 10,000.

You can view not only pictures of families, but also dwellings or any category unit. So, for example, compare the entrance two, pets or even teeth. And if you don’t like the mosaic scheme, take a map of the world and browse by region.

After clicking on a specific family, you can grow a mole pbh. In the pictures below the text there is a detailed tour of the house. Where I sleep, I can wash myself. And first of all, the interest of the project lies in it.

The magic of pettiness

Dollar Street facts, as soon as you start comparing objects from the household, the project highlights its blog billionaire Bill Gates. Families on a poor street stop using their fingers or sticks to itn. As soon as you reach a certain level of income, everyone will switch to classic plastic cards, add.








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And the categories you can go through this way are boards. For example, at the toilets, you can get from dr covered with palm leaves through the buckets and cracked the ruins of the toilet and the classic flusher, which we take for granted in European cities.

When seeing pets, you will notice in poor people in addition to the plague and malnourished dogs. Those as you proceed to the right, as if billion and con healthy, well-groomed breeds.

You don’t know the family by Hebrew

The list of krsn categories shows that regardless of the origin or country where we live, all our needs are the same. And Dollar Street just demonstrates how people look for compensation, or how to buy and improve things with growing income first.

While families in Malawi dream of a bike, in the western world a new car. In Myanmar, the family wants a piece of land for growing plants, in France the main dream is a new potato.

Dollar Street also shows that some things don’t matter. The symmetrical appearance of the teeth is with respect to the approach to orthodontics me, but the security of the teeth is the same, for example, with social layers. And we all have ridges or suns alike.

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In addition, the project does not draw a stereotype and does not just draw a typical family country. In Jin Africa, for example, you can walk through the Pyper family in the slum and the family from the Cape Town of modern households, in Cameroon, take a nice house with electricity and water.

At the end of the day, we all want a breath over our heads and better means so that it goes as well as possible. It is a great reminder that we have more in common with people on the other side of the world, we do not think, close your Gates gift.

Bill Gates o projektu (video Bill Gates, anglicky):

(Interesting demographic infographics and animations from GapMinder can be tricked here.)