Okamura m in the photo from the gym blown muscles. How to recognize a photomont

The chairman of the SPD boasted photos from the gym on his official profile on Facebook. The comments noticed that the photo was mainly digitally glued, which slightly strengthened Okamura’s muscles. Okamura sent the editorial another original photo, which confirms that it is a mont. See how mont can be created and recognized.

And get out of Vs you tye! for a moment one of the commenting photos of Tomio Okamura, chairman of the SPD party. On Facebook, Okamura boasted about how his workouts in the gym looked. And his men soon noticed that there was something wrong with the photos (originally photos on Facebook).

Tomio Okamura published a photo on St.

Tomio Okamura published a photo on his official Facebook profile Tomio Okamura – SPD evening on November 12 with the caption Healthy spirit in a healthy body, I spent the day with exercise and it’s a great feeling – I’m ready to get a working week. Peji nice evening.

We drew attention to the photomont on the Technet.cz Facebook page.

There was soon speculation in the comments that this was a digitally edited photo. Manipulation, especially in the photomontage, in which there was a small but noticeable (blown) of some muscle muscles. And this magnification bent with space, as some discuss.

Detail Okamurova sn

Detail of Okamur’s picture

Specifically above the left arm, we see traces of a bent column of the power machine. Therefore, if it has not been damaged by any really dull force, it should be reliably straight, and therefore manipulation on it is likely to be easily detectable.


The green line goes straight and connects the same machines. The red line of the piblin shows how, as a result of the use of a photomonte, the machine bent in the photograph.

Similar traces of the installation can be found in other cities of Okamura’s picture, and even (in my name) in another photo from the same Sri Lanka on Facebook (more in the gallery).

The Technet.cz editorial staff filed a lawsuit against Mr. Okamura on November 14. A day later, we received an answer from Tomia Okamura’s assistant, Alexandra Foralov: He just wanted to lighten it, but I probably can’t work with a graphics program. Mr. Tomio Okamura did not give the day and does not edit the photos.

Along with the release, we also received a copy of the original photograph (we applied for permission to publish it, and we immediately received permission for this). The photo is really dark. In addition to lightening it, the author / editor with photographs did and gave things. In the original photo, the column of the booster machine is not bent.

Tomio Okamura sent the editor of Technet.cz origin

Tomio Okamura sent the original image to the Technet.cz editorial office to clarify how the photomont was created in particular

The sent photo thus confirms our assumption that it is a photomontage – in addition to brightness, contrast and color, there was also a photographic montage, ie spatial manipulation of objects in the photograph, especially a function similar to the Liquify function in the Photoshop graphics editor. Here is a comparative detail of the toll town.


Public photos (see)

dajn originl (vez)

Similar functions are available in a number of other graphic editors, including applications for mobile phones. With a little imagination, you can imagine that someone who can’t use a graphics editor on a mobile phone could turn on the filter by mistake.


Comparison of the original source (adjusted contrast) and published photos (detail)

Only in the photo is the city modified more. It’s not just about Okamura, I put the exercises in the photo slightly enlarged muscle, in this case the lion’s biceps.


Published photos

dajn originl

Jet lpe je to vitt na animovanm GIF.


Compare snmk in animation

We can imagine that when working in Photoshop with the Liquify tool, a hunter accidentally clicks where he did not want to say something by mistake. But if anyone turned on Liquify at all, they wanted to put a photomont. No one turns on Liquify to lighten photos, they are (in any graphics editor) fully separated functions. As if someone said that in Word he just wanted to change the size of the font, but by mistake he replaced all the words in the text with the word large.

So Mont is more in the photo, and they are not monte nhodn. Given that the first muscles in the photo from the gym are modified, in the very flattering way (ie inflated, instead of moved or changed), we can state that this is a mental photomont. The one who carried out the right did not carry it out precisely, but he certainly carried it out consciously. It was definitely not about pehmat. Of course, who knew during the publication that it was a photomont, or whoever uploaded it to Tomio Okamura’s profile, we can’t find out, of course

Photomonts are not illegal. But it is better to admit them


Ukzka pehnan fotomonte slouc k ilustraci tmatu lnku

In this city, it is good to remember that the photomont itself is nothing unethical or even illegal. It fills a number of roles: artistic, aesthetic, illustrative, provocative, satirical, etc. Photomont are different photographs on the water pages of the magazine, where the goal is to highlight a thought or darkness.

So we at Technet.cz use photomonts and wheels to illustrate photos of our lines: such a montage is usually thoughtfully bent to make it clear that it is a montage, and moreover it is marked as a montage in the caption of the photo.

A potential problem is when photos look unedited, but are still the right ones. This is probably the biggest problem of Okamura’s especially photomont: for someone honored the need to edit a photo from the gym? This is a completely unforced error, a completely redundant photomontage that does not fully inflate the muscles, although there is no reason for politicians at all.

If the photomont is admitted, there is no conflict between the audience and the content. But when he reveals a hidden photomont, it can negatively affect his yard in a given source of information.

How the photomont was created, how to detect it and how to make it lpe

To show how this photomont could have been created and what led to its discovery, we created a similar photomont from illustrated photos from the photobank.

Like prob

How does the right process work in Photoshop CC with the Liquify function: you have a photo to liquefy at the stop, so you can smoothly stretch, shorten, move and inflate points in the photo.

To the right, we will use the classic Liquify tool (Czech is hell as Liquefy). This traditional Adobe Photoshop tool usually refers to the right proportions in a photo. The most well-known cases are cases where, for example, a pound of weight is lost or other pressure is inflated, most often of course. Often it is a photomont for the graphic designer, of course, it is not even possible to wonder if the model really cares.

In our experimental case, it is an inflated muscle. With the help of a changed tool, we can smoothly increase the area under the dot.


Of course, the background is bent when inflated with the Liquify function. On the face behind the muscle man you can clearly see in which the right slept and where the exact blow was blowing.

But we can see that when inflating a muscle, there is a direct distortion behind the musculoskeletal system. This is because the Liquify tool does not distinguish between objects by default, but only shifts pixels.

To avoid distortion, we must first divide the image into layers. We put the muscle in one layer, the other in the background (in this case we can leave the original photo as the background, because we only enlarge the front).


Work with the Liquify function, this time in an isolated layer to prevent unwanted background changes.

Therefore, work with layers to ensure that the change in one does not affect another image. In a hurry, however, the graphic artist often forgets about it, and as a result they are rid of unsuccessful photomontants.

Bt pistien u fotomonte me bt ale i vce, ne jen shuda. In some cases, where photographs can prove, for example, an insurance event, the photomont is considered an attempt at fraud. But this is a maximum disgrace on social sites.

With the advent of better and better tools for automated photomonte and videomonte, it will be possible to detect such image manipulations. So let’s consider the time when someone can be stabbed at the photomont. In a few years, even mobile phones will actually be able to make a photomontage, you won’t even notice it yourself. But then you have to edit the photos yourself or with the help of a friend.

Update: We added information about the photomontage to the article and gave an illustration that shows the photomontage on another image (again enlarging the muscle), which practically excludes that it could be an accident.