Interesting websites: business register or non-traditional job port

At you will find the necessary information about business and entrepreneurial entities. If you’re looking for work and don’t like to browse text ads, then try differently. And again contains a database of various telephone preferences.

Provte si firmu i ivnostnka

Do you need to find out if the company you want to trade with is solvent? No one will tell you exactly that, but you can wonder if she is now in insolvency.

This website offers the same information as the register kept by the Ministry of Justice on the website. The advantages provided by the alternative approach are mainly in the search and the uniform field for inspection by I or the name of the company. It is also possible to search for files and changes in the register in an automated manner free of charge. You need to register to use this service. There are also other services such as the provision of ties, the executive of business entities, the reliability of the VAT payer and the creditworthiness of the company.

Similar to the web not just a business register – register of economic entities

Get to know the phone preferences

There is a section. Offer information about the city in the Czech Republic within the fortress that everyone is trying to call, or from which country and, last but not least, in what mobile phone, a specific telephone number was issued. It is also possible to search in the phone book (search only for those entered in the official phone book) by both name and phone number. There is also information on crisis and green links, where you can easily find out where you can call for free.

Similar to the web phone call

Visual working port –

There are currently over 550,000 unemployed people in the Czech Republic. There are several ways to work, and if you don’t want to run through the inserts, try a different way.

The port allows you to choose works literally oima. Instead of text ads, please visit the website for details on the image offer. For example, in the case of an advertisement, the car mechanic displays the car, in the case of a telephone operator, displays the announcements, in the case of the koil seller, displays the shirts, etc.

For inquiry work, you have to register for free and then just click on “Send request” and the employer will receive everything you need. The price of a job is 29 crowns a day. There is also the possibility of searching for work according to various criteria.
Similar to the web the place where you catch search where vs search

Uwwwzlo v sti

Do you need to add hky and rky in the text, but you don’t want to run it? Take it. Therefore, try to try the service at this internet address. Just enter the text and click on “Submit” and the text will appear immediately. is a project that can help dream of accidents. Thanks to the special stickers on the vehicle, the subliminal effect begins to work. idi toti never know who is watching him. And gradually safe, not only when you see a police officer, but all the time.

Our wages are not high, but they are much more than those in developing countries. See how rich you are and compare them. On, select the Czech Republic, enter your income and find out how the rich group belongs, but how much you earn in one hour against the average debtor in Zimbabwe, how many years Ghaan has spent on his gross salary and how long roll on the wheel.