In Russia he is fighting about communicating with the Telegram. That is, Google and Amazon

Russia has been trying to block the Russian equivalent of WhatsApp since Monday. The company is also trying to bypass the services with the help of Amazon, Google and others. The Russian side has now started blocking them.

Rusk supervisory agency Roskomnadzor zeslilatlak nakomunikan s 흠 Telegram. S, which has 200 million users worldwide, may be unavailable in Russia by court order until the user meets the requirements for differentiation first.

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is described as the most powerful Russian businessman in the Internet technology industry, but he describes such requirements as an unrestricted restriction of correspondence. dn ifrovac key, because ifru is generated and ended by the user.

According to Kommersant, Durov is trying to circumvent the court’s decision to block services to ensure alternative traffic with the help of other Internet companies’ servers.

The user usually uses a system of virtual private VPNs and a proxy server, which means that they have access to the Internet from other countries. Roskomnadzor decided to hit the bag against them as well.

According to Interfax, Alexander Zharov told Roskomnadzor that he had blocked 18 substations and known a number of IP addresses belonging to Google and Amazon. At present, we have informed both companies that the known number of IP addresses and cloud services of this operator fell into the block on the basis of court decisions (on the Telegram block, note red.), Zharov said.

According to the Russian newspaper Moscow Timeso, there are a total of 17 million addresses, which is due to the intervention of the Russian censorship agency and the most similar event in the djinch of the Russian Internet.

For the help of bitcoins

According to Russian officials, Durov did not want to give up and announced to the social network VKontakte, which he owns, that he is introducing virtual bitcoins worth millions of dollars to companies that will help him in the fight against Russian censorship and justice. He thanked Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in this regard for not engaging in political censorship.

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Digital Resistance and donation Bitcoin for VPN and Proxy by Pavel Durov

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The conflict has an impact on the functioning of the Internet in Russia. According to Kommersant, some Microsoft services, the social centers of Viber and Odnoklasniki, the websites of several large Russian banks and private clinics, as well as online payment systems, have failed since Monday.

Roskomnadzor itself has become a hacker of hackers who have blocked websites for a while. The tense situation on the Russian Internet is displeased with the Kremlin, which has called on both sides of the conflict not to harm millions of Russian users. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the government about how to use the social situation in the current situation.

The Telegram was popular with newspapers and only the Russian political opposition, so the Kremlin used the Telegram to communicate with the newspapers and give regular conference talks to President Vladimir Putin. On Monday, the presidency handed the newspaper a message to the Telegram chat to switch to the chat, which was newly set in the ICQ service. This is a bite of the technology group