Google Now is able to converse. They will learn Czech by the end of the year

Conversations with Google Now will be a bit more interesting. Google introduced several new features at the development conference, including new voices and new languages. Among them, according to the presented map, is etina, which Google should put into operation by the end of 2018. The assistant will be able to converse on the phone over the phone.

When we wrote in 2017 about the fact that another Google was testing it in the laboratory of a conversion assistant in ethin, the leader of the dark development developed a very unspecified term: within five years. This year in Nora, we wrote about the fact that ethina could become among the top thirty languages, but due to the small number of Czech speakers and the leaked maps, we didn’t do much about it.

Unofficial map from Nora 2018:

Elger van der Wel (Twitter)@elger
15.nora 2018 at 13:46, pspvek archivovn: 08.kvtna 2018 at 19:59

Officially pronounced by Google for the first time: Google Assistant is coming to the Netherlands this year (we are blue on the map!) #dnisummit #dni2018

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However, at the Google I / O Development Conference in California, Scott Huffman showed you a map of eight countries in which Google Assistant will work in the local language by the end of the year. A esk republika svt mode.

Scott Huffman uk

Scott Huffman showed a map of the countries in which Google Assistant will work in the local language.

Google should be running by the end of 2018. It is not clear whether the user will be able to use all the features that will be available in English during the year:

Scott Huffman shrnul nov

Scott Huffman summed up the new position of Assistant

  • neperuen conversation: there will be no need to give orders or questions from Google or hey Google, the assistant will recognize the follow-up question and answer it
  • vcensobn poadavky – it is possible to place several orders / questions one after the other and the assistant to try to orientate in them and to make them answer
  • new voices – Google has introduced a natural virtual voices that use machine learning to incorporate intonation, buzzing and simulate, for example, emotional engagement.
  • converse duality – Families with children, say that Google Now is a new courtesy courtesy.
  • In the English language, only Google can use your machine to re-verify the amount of data and the conversation. This is matched by the assistant’s new ability to answer elephants, complicated and related questions:

    Google Future Assistant doc

    In the future, Google Now can answer complex, complex, and related questions

    The new features will be available during the following weeks and months. Google is testing the Duplex feature, which allows an assistant to emulate an assistant and call you to a restaurant or hairdresser on behalf of their user.

    Here’s how a conversation with Google Now looks like (2017 test):