full rules of the competition for tickets to the event Maker Faire 2018

The second round of the competition for tickets to the event Maker Faire 2018.

full rules of the competition for tickets to the event Maker Faire 2018

I. Obecn established

1. Competition for tickets to Maker Faire 2018 (according to only salt) on the ground of the Czech Republic.

The 2nd participant in the competition (competitor) is a natural person accepting the rules of the competition and meeting these conditions. To accept these rules, the person submits the answer to the competition question.

3. The organizer of the competition is the company MAFRA, a. s., with the address Prague 5, Karla Englie 519/11, PS 150 00, I: 45313351, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section B, insert. 1328 (according to only organizer).

4. The address for sending contemporary emails is: [email protected] The address for the performance of the first regarding the protection of personal data is mainly [email protected]

5. A natural person with a delivery address to the country of the Republic of 18 years of age is competing with him, he is the first to the extent necessary. Employees of the organizer and persons close to them are excluded from the competition.

6. The organizer does not have to keep the questions of the participants and is not obliged to answer the questions.

7. The competition organizer reserves the first to shorten, peruit or cancel the competition and change its rules. These facts will be frequently announced by the public information on the Internet address: Technet.cz.

8. The organizer of the competition reserves the first to decide in case of dispute with the validity according to its own name.

9. By entering the competition, all participants undertake to follow its rules.

II. Mechanismus bunker

1. Sout bude probhat 18.6.

2. Mechanismus bunker:

Winning of the first 10 fastest writers who, after the starting competition 18.6. napna address [email protected] The competitor will enter the e-mail NAME, PJMEN, ADDRESS, PHONE with the fact that it is necessary to write in the subject of the e-mail Lstky na Maker Faire. Each contestant can send a maximum of one reply e-mail from one e-mail address to each contest question. Duplicate emails from the same address will be discarded by the organizer.

On June 19, 2018, the organizer will select 10 winners from all dolch e-mails.

III. Games and their pedn

1. The games in the competition are as follows:

Maker Faire 2018 Tickets

2. Each winner will be informed of all by e-mail within three working days of the draw. The games will be vhercm pedny according to the agreement.

3. Games are gross. Winners are obliged to fulfill the day and you in particular, especially the tax obligations that they will incur by winning the game according to the first regulations.

IV. Personality rights and protection of personal data

1st participant in the competition, each participant acknowledges that the organizer of the competition is entitled to name his name, surname and possibly a portrait as a potential winner (eg from a previous game) in his men (especially in Technet.cz) in connection with information about souti.

2. The organizer will process the information usually given in Article II. paragraphs 2 and 1. IV. paragraph 1, according to the case of registration in the competition through the Internet and the IP address and time of registration, and according to the information about the event (including a photo from her front, etc.) and the text of e-mails and put the data contained in them. These data will be processed for the purpose of the organizational competition and its improvement, protection of the first organizer, ensuring the security of the organizer’s website and security networks, for statistical members, for organizing the ethnic group, documentary processing of personal data and for marketing members. The data of the winners will be processed for the news.

3. The organizer informs the participants of the competition that they will act 7 in the sense. 480/2004 Sb. I can send an unissued business message to their address (including e-mails) and contact them through unissued telemarketing on their phone number. astnk soute s tmto me to express my disagreement at any time at the address of the organizer or by e-mail sent to the address [email protected] Disagreement will be expressed in the framework of each of the first commercial communications.

4. The first reason for processing personal data will be, in particular, the fulfillment of final obligations (management of ethnicity and tax agenda, fulfillment of obligations under the GDPR and the right to send unissued commercial communications), the need to ensure the organization of competitions (fulfillment of contracts) especially at the bottom of the competition and use the data for statisticians, for IT security, for organizer marketing and for news).

5. The organizer may pass on the personal details of the winners to the extent necessary to the persons providing the games, or to the co-organizers of the competition. Personal data can be accessed to a certain extent by (i) persons who perform support activities for the organizer, e.g. the operator of its IT system, (ii) the person providing the e-mail for it, if such persons will use it, (iii) the operator of its evil server and data backups, (iv) its first, economists and tax advisors and auditors, and (v) carriers providing additional games.

6. Personal data will be processed for the duration of the competition and for a period equivalent to the end of the competition, usually for 3 years and for the winner for 10 years after the end of the calendar year following the end of the competition. Contact details of the participants in the range of files for sending business messages of the organizer will be used for an unlimited period (until revocation of consent) and archives about 4 years later (for the purpose of the first reason for sending business messages). The data obtained in the framework of news will be processed indefinitely.

7. Providing personal data according to these rules is voluntary, however, if the participant does not provide the necessary information in the competition, his participation will not be allowed and he will be excluded from the competition.

8. You can find information about your first facts in connection with the processing of personal data and contact details of the company for the protection of personal data at the company here.

V. Publication of rules

These full rules, which are binding for the game, will be published for the entire duration of the competition on the Internet address Technet.cz.