Facebook has responded to questions about the data. Document m 747 pages

Facebook provided American congressional answers to questions that Mark Zuckerberg failed to answer during a special hearing. Among other things, the document contains a list of companies that had special access to user data.

In April 2018, Mark Zuckerberg was busy. Socially with Facebook, which he founded and which he decides as a major shareholder, he has been confronted with several scandals involving private users and the lack of security of their data. Among other things, Zuckerberg was allowed to be grilled voluntarily by the sentry choirs and the parliamentary choir.

The first conciers from the Chamber of Deputies told him about the answers to the questions, which he did not manage to answer to the city, in writing. Facebook has now officially provided answers to questions that Zuckerberg did not attend to during the two-hour speech (we watched online).

Mark Zuckerberg vypov

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the US Congress (April 10, 2018)

Mark Zuckerberg vypov

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House of Commons (April 11, 2018)

The Facebook Answer Document (PDF) is publicly available. I have a total of 747 pages, so we didn’t have time to go through it yet. If you want, you can help us with looking interesting and two unknown facts.


Facebook answers to the questions of American conspirators

We do not cooperate with them. And with exceptions

In the document, for example, Facebook listed all the companies with which it shared data, such as The New York Times. The overview of all companies includes known and unknown manufacturers:

  1. I agree
  2. Acer
  3. Airtel
  4. Alcatel/TCL
  5. Alibaba**
  6. Amazon*
  7. Apple*
  8. AT&T
  9. Blackberry
  10. Dell
  11. DNP
  12. docomo
  13. Garmin
  14. Gemalto*
  15. HP/Palm
  16. HTC
  17. Huawei
  18. INQ
  19. Kodak
  20. LG
  21. MediaTek/ Mstar
  22. Microsoft
  23. Miyowa / Mobile Esia
  24. Motorola / Lenovo
  25. Mozilla**
  26. Myriad*
  27. Nexian
  28. Nokia*
  29. Nuance
  30. O2
  31. Opentech ENG
  32. Opera Software**
  33. OPPO
  34. Orange
  35. Pantech
  36. PocketNet
  37. Qualcomm
  38. Samsung*
  39. Sony
  40. Sprint
  41. T-Mobile
  42. TIM
  43. Tobii*
  44. U2topia *
  45. Verisign
  46. Verizon
  47. Virgin Mobile
  48. Vodafone*
  49. Warner Bros
  50. Western Digital
  51. Yahoo*
  52. Zing Mobile*

Hvzdika refers to companies with which Facebook has not yet terminated its cooperation, but to terminate it by June 2018 – with the exception of the change. Two stars then indicate the companies with which Facebook intended to cooperate even after this date, but without access to the data on the user’s friends.

According to the findings in the document, Facebook shared these data with these sources, so that the manufacturer could build functionalities that required special access to Facebook data. Out of 52 partnerships with Facebook, 38 has ended, and others are working to end them.

In the future (after June 2018), Facebook will share data in partnership only with the following companies: Tobii (a company developing tools for the access of people with disabilities), Apple and Amazon.