E-mail Klikni.cz kon. How to proceed when transferring sweat elsewhere

E-mail on the Klikni.cz portal Let’s advise you on what to do so that you don’t drink about your sweat. Learn how to back up all e-mails and how to route a sweat to a new mailbox in the link.

E-mail services Klikni.cz vyuv technologick program Google for ISP. Google has decided to terminate this program. Emailov sluba Klikni.cz tak bohuel kon tak, k Michal Hank z vede společnosti MAFRA.

However, users can use a simple formula to have a sweat sent to a newly created box for one year.

The email.klikni.cz service as such will end on 19 May 2015, the direct mail delivered to the Klikni.cz mailboxes will be supported until 19 June 2016 (ie one year). Throughout this period, you will be able to set up a redirection to another email.

Mm sweat on Klikni.cz, what mm dlat?

In order to be available at the old address even after canceling the mailbox, we have prepared a simple tool for transferring sweat to the new address.

Enter the new address where the sweat from the original Klikni.cz mailbox will gothis link.
Follow simple instructions. Enter the original Klikni.cz e-mail, the password and the new e-mail to which you want to send it.
Your data (password, original or new e-mail) will not be provided by MAFRA, as to these persons.

I know what they will try to catch on the original e-mail Klikni.cz will receive an automatically generated e-mail of this word:

If you have NOT set:


The Klikni.cz service has been terminated and the user you are peteing has not set a new address to which we would send in the e-mail. Vai won’t get it at first. Try contacting him in another way.


If you set the direction:


The Klikni.cz service has been terminated. At first we sent it to another e-mail address, where the user [email protected] did not want to send e-mails. Please contact the user and find out their new e-mail address so that your communication is not lost.


How to back up Klikni.cz e-mail to disk

You can easily download the e-mail on Klikni.cz by using the menu to save a copy of the e-mail.

1. You must first log in to your Klikni.cz. In the same view, you may be able to sign up from anyone else who uses Google services (for example: Maps or G +).

2. In the new browser window where you logged in to the click.cz email, copy the following link: https://www.google.com/settings/takeout/custom/gmail
You will be offered a menu (see picture) of the possibility of hacking all the data from the e-mail, where after selecting the Select Labels item you will also be able to choose which e-mail you want to save.


Website for e-mail malicious Klikni.cz

3. Click on the NEXT button at the bottom of this page and just wait and the system will generate an email backup. It will take me a few minutes, but also hours and days, according to this, how to fill the mailbox mte. Don’t worry and let the whole process bet until the backup is created. That this has happened, you are informed by an e-mail with a link to the download of the file with the bad.

4. The folder file itself will be packed in one of the packing formats such as Zip. It contains a backup in MBOX format, which should be handled by most e-mail clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.)