Don’t use Waze on the bus, please the community. The plug is clogged

Enabling Waze’s public transport application will have a negative impact on the accuracy of data on current road traffic, warn people in the Czech Waze community. Appeal to the user not to use the application on the bus.

esk community user Waze m on Facebook pes est tisc fan. Tm – but also dalm – is an exchange of non-traditional challenges: Do not turn on the Waze application when you travel by bus. This can greatly affect the data and cause the application to suggest an inappropriate and unnecessary object to someone else.

The Waze application (which belongs to Google and the Alphabet, respectively) uses user movement information to constantly update the traffic situation on the roads. If you are driving and have a running Waze application, information about your location and speed is transferred to the cloud in real time. From this data, Waze obtains information on the passability of individual roads. If one or more running applications suddenly slow down, evaluate the system as crashed. Other users can then calculate a route that avoids this city.

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July 30, 2018 at 12:38 pm, pspvek archivovn: July 30, 2018 at 2:38 pm

A post and screen was found on fb, where the user stands at the speed of the public transport bus.

Please don’t like that. Turning on Waze in public transport can greatly affect routing and for these points it is not worth it. Thank you

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Then wonder in Prague, he clicks for Waze, when the main column is not on the main. And they sit with Waze on the bus, which takes 500 meters and creates columns, then added the spokesman in the comments.

On the map

Waze maps show not only information about driving speed in the event of an unusually slow down, but also other users (wazers) who provide the data. The user has set me not to be seen.

This is not a new problem. In 2016, the possibility of adding to the md bus application, which would allow the idim bus (and possibly also pasarm) to use this application, was discussed.

According to us, the application could theoretically detect bus travel automatically (bus routes are quite consistent). The current application does not know what explains this somewhat curious call of Czech community administrators.