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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network Facebook, testified long ago in front of US congressmen in a unique hearing. There was some interesting information, but to be more interesting, I have what was said only by a hint. Let’s take a closer look at the move that Zuckerberg took with him.

From the perspective of a regular Facebook user, it might seem that the first thing related to this social network was the pointless call of the BFF, according to which people could see if they had enough security for their world.

She also lived mainly because she reacted to an up-to-date, well-publicized affair: Mark Zuckerberg testified before the American Congress (we also spoke before Facebook and before the House of Representatives).

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The “Zuckerberg/Data” meme is pretty funny but I think it’s clear he’s Lore, not Data…

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No, we won’t be funny with Zuck’s robotic breeding this time (they did it for nsCNET, Mashable and even the BBC). We won’t even be funny, but there is nothing wrong with how Zuckerberg personally spent $ 3 billion on his even penny entries before the US Congress reassuring investors worried about the new cases.

Zuckerberg showed a good and stable performance on the hot kesel. And he didn’t let any exceptions be made. He also played into the cards that a number of congressmen drank slightly unprepared. At least half of the hearings (especially the first one) could be summarized.

And although several members of the commission were able to ask a number of questions, Zuckerberg was able to answer superficially, in general.

From this point of view, it is more interesting what Zuckerberg did not say, not what he said. And thanks to the funny hunter, he even knows what he or she forbade.

Zuckerberg’s remarks: apologize, not talk about GDPR

Andrew Harnik, a photographer for the AP agency, shared a snapshot of a document file during Zernerberg’s hearing, which remained on Zuckerberg’s desk during the news. When one of the assistants tried to click and take it, I shared this photo, describing the pbh film, which quickly went around Twitter and the copper editorial staff.

Mark Zuckerberg left a note on the table

Mark Zuckerberg left notes on the table…

Such an unexpected invasion of privacy is sweetly ironic in this context: Someone took a picture of Zuckerberg’s shoulder on his note. Zuckerberg didn’t give permission, but some of his friends agreed, joked by British security expert Graham Cluley. Jin speculated that Zuckerberg had left his notes on the table to distract him. And what should be the most sociable on the paper in front of you?

  • Cambridge Analytica: It is a disturbed door, it is very sorry that it happened, since 2014 we have similarly stopped the data
  • Who will be responsible?: the platform is my responsibility, I will not punish anyone for it, I resign?
  • Safe data: We used Facebook every day to communicate with the family, we made mistakes and we work hard to fix them
  • How do we earn a pension?: I want Facebook to be a service that anyone can use, so it has to be free, and this can only be done thanks to advertisements, let’s be clear: we never sell data, the user is the owner of his data and have the opportunity to set
  • Invalid or abrupt content: our community standards prohibit hatred, harassment, terrorism, we are working to proactively seek out this content, the help of intelligence tools, other people, etc.
  • Integrity of elections (Russia): we reacted slowly but with long progress, we gave academics an independent assessment of the impact of social media on democracy
  • Diversity: Silicon Valley has a problem with diversity, and we are part of the problem

Let us dwell on the last two visible paragraphs of Zuckerberg’s remarks: Competition and GDPR. From the careful wording of the pope, however, it is indeed to be honored that at first these circuits were not Zuckerberg’s comfort.

Ml by bt Facebook rozporcovn?

Customers have a great deal of choice to make their time, Zuckerberg wrote a careful wording in his remarks in case anyone asked him if Facebook was restricting competition.

When Republican sentor Lindsey Graham asked him: who is the biggest competitor? ml Zuckerberg a little problem answer. He actually said that people in the USA use about eight large mobile applications to communicate, but he did not change that they own Facebook (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp). I don’t think we have a monopoly, Zuckerberg laughed nervously.

All the while, he was careful in Facebook to pay attention to humility, the effort to improve things and the willingness to cooperate on smart regulations. However, he wrote down what he definitely did not consider to be a clever regulation: if Facebook were divided into several companies, it would send companies to society. American technology companies are an investment for America. In other words, with this particular question, Zuckerberg has prepared a flow of emotion: if you divide us, you support the nonsense!

European regulation is good, but let us know that we have complied with it!

He gave the next chapter – which he drank before the House of Representatives – was the European Data Protection Directive (GDPR). Facebook as a psobc company in Europe will have to meet GDPR requirements by the end of May.

And especially it doesn’t quite blend them yet. How else to make a dear note to someone, we meet the requirements of the GDPR, which Zuckerberg had to emphasize in front of him. At this point, Facebook did not target anyone, but chose a way of generally approving and explaining what European regulation is all about.

It is definitely interesting that Facebook had to change around the world due to GDPR, ie the same tools that it will offer in the EU will be offered to everyone else. The mantra in this case is more control, express consent and personal giving.

Facebook will undoubtedly be at least formally correct, but you can be careful not to prompt the user to change the settings. They could take their privacy.

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