“Bitcoin is dead,” said many times. Take a look at 300 pedpovd

Bitcoin is a bubble, no future, in ten years after it even a dog will not touch. Such predictions are quite bn. The authors of the 99bitcoins.com website have collected hundreds of links since 2010, which (temporarily) predicted the death of bitcoin. But what, of course, does not mean in itself that the cryptocurrency does not

The cryptocurrencies are a complex world, full of mathematics, cryptography, technological and financial argon, and mainly rockets ascending and steeply descending graphs. But few people really cryptically. No wonder the first and largest cryptocurrency – the Bitcoin platform – attracts a lot of attention. Increase at a time when the value of the rise or (as in recent days and weeks) looks for a new bottom.

Decline in the price of bitcoin for the last

Decrease in the price of bitcoin for the last month


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99bitcoins.com collects articles that prophesy the early and inevitable death of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. On the Bitcoin obituaries page, it is possible to gather a growing list of articles in newspapers, magazines and specialized websites that have predicted Bitcoin’s death since 2010.

At that time, it could not be expected that bitcoin would grow in this way

Pro bitcoin can’t be me

The oldest lmn hole above the bitcoin comes from the blog The Underground Economist. An unknown author in the article from 2010 predicted that the value of bitcoin (at that time less than a quarter of a dollar for one bitcoin) does not increase, because it is not based on it, unlike traditional pensions, which rely on the central bank (and army). your me ru. Autorpozdji lnek added an update: If you heard about bitcoin at a time when you were not skeptical, then you were either much caught not j, or you were not caught even mk.

Since then, 99bitcoins.com has recorded a total of 300 lines predicting the irreversible end of the Bitcoin platform. For each such link, the value that one bitcoin had at the time of publication of such predictions is also given.


In 2012, Wired magazine reported bitcoin as expired, ie expired or behind its zenith

Bitcoin is nonsense, explains UC Berkeley expert Nicholas Weaver for Vox magazine (2018)

Warren Buffett warns investors not to invest in bitcoin

Warren Buffett warns investors not to invest in bitcoin (2018)

Of course, from a daily point of view, the prediction from 2010 or 2012 is funny. We know that in 2017 the price of bitcoin fluctuated to the level of 20 thousand dollars. According to some theories, manipulations of the cryptographic Tether (SSRN study) may have occurred with this twenty-fold number, and the cryptocurrency market will now return to relative values.

Only in the area of ​​cryptocurrency is it very weaving or what is really real. Just as we have two forgiving laughs today in the forecast from 2010, we will have fun with the two for the current predictions.

The market is cryptic – similarly to other financial instruments – in addition to relevant data and instinct, crowd psychologists, confirming mistakes, blindness with panic. However, the predictions about bitcoin will usually be based on the perspective that the author of predictions chose, both consciously and unknowingly. Therefore, bitcoin optimists and pessimists can coexist, even though they have access to the same information.

You should invest in bitcoin (parody: Ultra Spiritual Life)

Thus, a council is in force, which generally concerns any risky investment. If you don’t know what to pay for, invest only as many pensions as you can afford to lose without vt.