Inside Tesla factories, prisons, schools …: 150,000 surveillance cameras hacked

Hackers have posted on Twitter images taken by cameras from the American security company Verkada, demonstrating the vulnerability of systems to connected objects.

A large-scale and high-profile hacking because the data stolen are, among other things, sensitive images of the interiors of private places. Photos and video images from some 150,000 surveillance cameras of the company Verkada were stolen by hackers, who chose to disseminate snippets on the Internet via Twitter accounts. We see the interior of a car factory and warehouses of the manufacturer Tesla, prisons, schools, clinics …

« Ever wondered what the interior of a Tesla warehouse looks like? “Quipped the group of hackers” APT-69420 Arson Cats “on its Twitter accounts, disabled since for non-compliance with the general conditions of use of the micromessaging. The hackers said they had access to 222 cameras from the U.S. group Tesla, as well as the company’s surveillance system, and thousands of other entities.

The company Verkada claims on its site 5,200 client organizations. It sells dome cameras, fisheye lenses (with a very large field of view), sequence viewing stations and the software to control everything from anywhere. Hackers were able to gain access to live streams and archive footage.

In a panic, Verkada disabled all internal administrator accounts to prevent unauthorized access and notified all of its customers. “ Our internal security team and our external partner are investigating the size and extent of this issue, and we have notified law enforcement Said a spokesperson for Verkada.

“Too fun not to do it”

The motivations of the hacker group are unclear. Their ironic communication revolves a lot around the denunciation of a surveillance company. “ There is a certain irony in exposing state surveillance and suddenly all eyes are on you. », « What if we put an end to surveillance capitalism in two days? Is the type of messages that accompanied the leaked images. According to Bloomberg, who spoke with the hacker group, the reasons are a mixture of “ lots of curiosity, the fight for freedom of information and against intellectual property, a huge dose of anti-capitalism, a hint of anarchism – and that’s too fun not to do ».

“Tip of the iceberg”

Hackers claim to have much more confidential information than “ the tip of the iceberg »That they gave to see. They cite financial data, but nothing has yet to substantiate these claims.

According to several cybersecurity experts, this attack risks lasting damage to Verkada’s image. “ The company is promoting itself as a ‘safer and easier to scale’ alternative to internal video recording networks ”Rick Holland, security manager at Digital Shadows, a cybersecurity company, told AFP.