In Romillé, doctors lead the fight against health insurance

Since last January, the doctors of the medical center of Romillé, in Ille-et-Vilaine, have decided to increase the price of the consultation to 25 euros. Letters, formal notices, threats of suspension of remuneration… Health insurance has started a real standoff with general practitioners.

It is a conflict that has now been going on for several months. Five general practitioners from the Romillé medical practice, near Rennes, have gone to war against the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie d’Ille-et-Vilaine. The reason? They have decided to spend the price of the consultation from 23 to 25 euros, like forty general practitioners in the department, since January 2016. “, the objective is not to earn money”, insists Dr. Yves Galodé at the Figaro. “We want to express a real fed up: we work ten hours a day, without being recognized”.

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An opinion that does not share the CPAM of the department, considering that the medical office, approved in sector 1, does not respect its commitments. “Our social protection model in France is based on guaranteed care for insured persons,” recalls Caroline Bonnet, deputy director at CPAM 35, at Figaro. “With these two euros, which are the responsibility of the patient, there is a symbolic side, we risk opening the door to other abuses”. “90% of mutuals reimburse these overruns”, answers Yves Galodé. The Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie also points to the already high cost of the revaluation of fees. “In a full year, the passage of the consultation to 25 euros will cost 565 million euros”, indicates the deputy director.

In response, the Health Insurance has therefore initiated a procedure. “In April, we first received a visit from the director of the CPAM,” says Yves Galodé. “As we did not react, the director pulled out all the stops”. Letters, formal notices, threats of suspension of part of their remuneration … The CPAM has even threatened general practitioners with a temporary ban on practice, assures the health professional.

Several doctors have already anticipated the revaluation of fees

“The director has outright called the mayor of Romillé to exert pressure,” adds Dr. Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the Confederation of French Medical Syndicates, at Figaro. Information confirmed by the UDI mayor of this town of 3,800 souls, Marie-Hélène Daucé. “She called me several times, reminding me that as the first magistrate of the town, I was required to enforce the law,” she explains to the Figaro. Despite this pressure, Marie-Hélène Daucé did not give in, and supports doctors at all costs.

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Next step? For now, doctors seem determined not to give in. They also plan to meet with union representatives this Wednesday evening in Romillé. In the event that general practitioners do not comply, the CPAM will refer the matter to the Local Joint Commission, responsible for giving an opinion on this thorny issue. According to this opinion will be decided, or not, sanctions.

In fact, the case of Romillé’s medical practice is far from being an isolated case. “In the Pyrénées-Orientales, where I practice, 10% of general practitioners have already applied this price for consultation,” says Jean-Paul Ortiz. “There is a real fundamental movement: it is estimated today that between 400 and 500 professionals have already done so, according to figures from the various CPAMs”.