How Sapin and Rebsamen put into perspective the rise in unemployment since 2012

THE ECO / INTERACTIVE CONTENT SCAN – Every month since May 2012, the Socialist Labor Ministers, Michel Sapin then François Rebsamen, must comment on the Pôle emploi figures, which have never been good two months in a row. Between semantic and statistical trickery, a three-year look back at a balancing act.

The figures are falling every month. And every month, the government must comment on them. The task is all the more difficult as since the election of, the number of job seekers in France has increased almost every month. In any case, the figures have never been good two months in a row. Review of the semantics and statistical tricks that successive labor ministers under the Hollande presidency, then, have used to try to put bad figures into perspective.

At the end of April, the number of job seekers registered with Pôle emploi in category A – that is to say without any activity -: + 26,200 people came to swell their ranks, an increase of 0.7% compared to at the end of March, to reach 3,536,000 job seekers. Over one year, this number jumped 5.1%, according to figures published by Pôle emploi. Faced with new figures “difficult” to comment, François Rebsamen, who has already confided that it was for him a “suffering”, this time chose to count on the hope of a return of growth, after the rebound recorded in the first quarter (+ 0.6%).

“It takes several months before the resumption of activity results in hiring,” he warns. “Companies have a tendency, before recruiting, to respond to re-orders by internal adjustments (overtime for example).” For the minister, hope lies mainly with very small and medium-sized businesses, “where the greatest potential lies”.