Hospital doctors called for a “massive” strike on Monday

VIDEO – They are calling for a better appreciation of their working time and an upgrading of careers at the hospital, faced with a shortage of practitioners.

Hospital doctors are called for a “massive” strike on Monday by two of their inter-union organizations to demand a better appreciation of their working time and an upgrading of careers at the hospital, faced with a shortage of practitioners. They are invited to stop work all day Monday then every evening and every night, Avenir Hospitalier and the Confederation of Hospital Practitioners (CPH) supporting the movement initially launched by the union of anesthesiologists SNPHAR-E.

“About 80% of anesthetists and resuscitators and between 30 and 40% of practitioners of other specialties” will participate in the movement, assures AFP Max-André Doppia, president of Avenir hospitalier. “Scheduled operations will be postponed” but continuity of care will be ensured, doctors can be assigned as needed, he said.

“At a time when nearly 30% of hospital practitioner positions (PH) are vacant, this figure and our working conditions are worsening every year,” his inter-union alarmed at the beginning of the month. In particular, the working time of PH: supposed not to exceed 48 hours per week, it is approaching “rather 60 hours”, explains M.Doppia. Denouncing the “regulatory vagueness” framing the service obligations of doctors, the inter-unionists want better consideration of guards and measures allowing practitioners to “control” their working time.

A plan of 250 million euros still pending

They also demand that 20% of working time be reserved for activities not posted to the patient, such as research. On the remuneration side, the “substantial revaluation of the exclusive public service engagement allowance”, or even better salaries at the start and end of a career are also part of the complaints. “For more than four years, the government has alternated promises, commissions, reflection and retreat” on the attractiveness of hospital careers, Avenir hospitalier was recently indignant.

Last year, the Minister of Health Marisol Touraine presented a plan of 250 million euros devoted to this theme, but its implementation is still pending, deplore the unions. For its part, the ministry ensures that the “timetable will be respected” and that “the terms of implementation (of the plan) will be presented in the coming days”.

Another strike, this time called for by the five inter-union organizations of PH, is already scheduled for October 12. On Friday by presenting the draft social security budget for 2017, Ms. Touraine praised “the efforts of health professionals” which have made it possible to reduce the social security deficit. But, in 2017, the hospitals, under strong tension, will still have to make efforts to the tune of 845 million.