HLM, hat-trick pensions, Évin law: today’s eco-recap

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Thursday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• The government is cracking down on municipalities hostile to low-cost housing

Pre-emption of land, requisitions for housing… the State wants to impose sanctions on municipalities that do not have 25% of social housing.

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• The hat retreats of supervised leaders

Supported by the PS deputy Laurent Grandguillaume, and adopted last night in committee, the amendment aims to prohibit the redemption of years of seniority by companies for the benefit of new leaders upon their arrival.

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• MPs oppose the government on the Evin Act

MEPs adopted an amendment last night which aims to distinguish between information and publicity. Against the advice of the government. Marisol Touraine denounces a “unraveling” of the Evin law.

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But also

Driven by shale oil, US production exceeded Saudi Arabia’s last year, according to BP’s annual statistics. A first since 1975, which confirms the loss of speed of OPEC, according to observers.

The brand has taken legal action in India to revise the ban on the sale of its Maggi noodles. Tests have detected excess lead there, but the group disputes the interpretation of the law on food standards and safety.

.TDF will have to pay 5.6 million euros for having tried “to oust its competitors from the Eiffel Tower site” but the latter will appeal this decision. Since the start of the year, the former historic monopoly has been involved in three cases by the Competition Authority.

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And as a bonus

Infographic of the day. . French employees on fixed-term contracts are much better protected than their European counterparts, but much less than their compatriots on permanent contracts.

Idea of ​​the day. . Virgin’s charismatic CEO allows some of his employees to take care of their newborn baby while still getting paid.

The strike of the day. . The inter-union of the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) refuses the proposals for reform of the working time proposed by the director general Martin Hirsch.