Geneva’s famous water jet comes out of containment

The majestic feather of the famous water jet dominated Geneva again on Saturday, to mark the partial release of the confinement of this city on the shores of Lake Geneva. “This decision, in connection with the health situation in Geneva, symbolically marks the launch of the process of easing the anti-COVID measures, wrote on their Twitter account the industrial services of Geneva, responsible for the management of the water jet, which can soar up to 140 meters in height.

Residents and tourists alike find the emblem of the city at the same time as the possibility of going to the hairdresser, to a beauty salon and to the tattoo artist, all of which were authorized to reopen on Saturday. Other non-essential businesses remain closed for the moment, including bars and restaurants, which can only sell take-out.

The canton of Geneva has the second worst incidence rate in Europe over 14 days just after the Croatian region of Varazdinska, according to WHO statistics compiled by the public broadcaster RTS. The water jet was to operate again on November 12 after a period of maintenance, but the State Council of the Canton of Geneva had decided to mark the resurgence of the pandemic by leaving it stopped.

It was the second water jet shutdown this year in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. The first lasted 83 days during the lockdown period last spring. The water jet, activated manually, has been operating normally every day since 1891 except in the event of gusts of wind or extreme cold.

It is illuminated at night to support charitable, humanitarian or diplomatic causes, like the Empire State Building in New York. The water jet is a small marvel of engineering. The exit speed of the water is 200km / h and half a cubic meter of water is projected per second at the height of 140 meters, according to official figures given by Geneva. The jet is created by two groups of motor pumps which weigh a total of more than 16 tonnes and achieve a power of nearly 1,000 kilowatts. Millions of tiny air bubbles ensure the snowy appearance of the water jet illuminated at night, further emphasizes the city on its website.

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