French Aircall will recruit 300 people in 2021

The start-up specializing in telephony services to businesses doubles in size.

After seven years of existence, Aircall is preparing to hire 300 people. The start-up specializing in telephone services to businesses will almost double in size from 400 to 700 employees. Half of the new jobs will be created in Paris, 30% in Madrid, and the remainder will be shared between New York and Sydney.

« We are going to strengthen our research and development (R & D) pole in Spain. Recruiting developers with more than five years of experience in the Paris region is a real challenge Explains Jonathan Anguelov, co-founder and executive general manager of Aircall. ” There is a real concern for training in France. Schools are full of aeronautical engineers and managers, but it’s developers and sales people we need », He sums up. Aircall is in fact looking for a wide variety of profiles, developers, but also salespeople, account managers, partnership managers, human resources, etc.

For the start-up, the challenge is threefold: it must find the talents it needs, integrate them, all by teleworking. ” We have a solid base to integrate newcomers », Reassures Jonathan Anguelov. Since last year, his company has developed a reception system for newcomers, with about fifteen integration. During this period, videoconferences remain in order, some meetings and meetings take place face-to-face.

The mayonnaise seems to be taking as the young company has continued to grow. After a small air gap at the start of the first confinement, it finally ended the year with a growth of 65% of its turnover and aims for an increase of 75% in 2021. This should allow it to go high hand the bar of 100 million euros in turnover this year. ” It’s terrible to say, but the pandemic has saved 5 years in the digitalization of companies. We are one of the companies benefiting from this development », Adds Jonathan Anguelov. Newcomers to the start-up will in particular be responsible for developing new products. Aircall already offers solutions for archiving its professional telephone conversations, classifying them according to subject, helping sales representatives to better manage their relationships with customers….

Jonathan Anguelov wants to go even further, with new functions provided by artificial intelligence and the first steps in videoconferencing. ” The advantage of arriving after is that we can learn from others Jokes Jonathan Anguelov. An advantage that he intends to put to use to continue to grow his business and, eventually, to list it on the stock exchange, on the Nasdaq.