France 4 and France Ô fixed “in a few days” on their fate

Roselyne Bachelot, the new Minister of Culture has promised to speak quickly on the future of the two channels.

In less than a month, the black screen will fall in principle on France 4 and France Ô. Unless the government backtracks … Mentioned by Franck Riester, the possible maintenance of the two channels after the deadline of August 9 will finally be decided by his successor at the Ministry of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot. Invited this Wednesday in the morning of France Inter, the new tenant of the rue de Valois knows that time is running out. “The deadline is short“, She admitted, promising a decision”in the coming days».

If she has not yet ruled on the fate of the two public service channels, the minister nevertheless hinted that France 4, dedicated to youth, could survive while France Ô, the overseas channel, would stop. “On France Ô, I think the question is resolved. Finally, we had arrived at a kind of confinement of the Overseas within the public audiovisual sector or the Overseas must participate in the whole of the audiovisual sector.», Declared the Minister.

The France Médias holding company is not a priority

Regarding France 4, Roselyne Bachelot believes that “service has been remarkable in the downturn. Not everyone has digital tools. There are people who simply have a TV ”, she recalled. During the confinement, the chain had increased educational programs to help schoolchildren. “Can the missions carried out by France 4 be carried out in another way? I’m not sure. Does that imply an extension of one year or does that imply going back on the judgment of France 4?“. Imminent response.

Regarding this time the subject of the France Médias holding company, a project which was to bring together public audiovisual companies, Roselyne Bachelot was clear: if the idea in itself is interesting, the file is not a priority for the new government. “The legislative calendar will be completely occupied by the stimulus plan, it will be difficult to find time. Me, I’m waiting to have parliamentary time», Replied the minister at the microphone of France Inter.