Fifa, Court of Auditors, attractiveness: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Wednesday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• Fifa executives arrested for corruption

After the arrest this morning of 14 FIFA officials, eleven of them were provisionally suspended “from all football-related activities” by the international federation. UEFA is calling for the election of the FIFA president to be postponed within six months.

• The Court of Auditors calls the government to order

The institution is worried about the increase in the deficit and the debt. And disputes the decline in spending posted by the government.

• France’s attractiveness at half mast

According to proprietary information from Figaro, 72% of French people consider that the attractiveness of France has deteriorated in recent years. The right proposes to remedy this by massively lowering taxes on companies while the left favors the implementation of a strong industrial strategy.

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But also

• The crisis erupted seven years ago. Yet, in developed OECD countries, young people are increasingly unemployed or out of the education system. Despite the grandpa boom that sets in, the problems will not go away. State of play in graphics.

•. Guest at the opening of a high-tech conference, Evan Spiegel spoke about the future of Snapchat, its IPO and the “bubble” in the technology sector.

• Mexico is preparing to order 50 SuperPumas from the helicopter subsidiary of the French manufacturer. The signing could take place on July 14 during the visit of the Mexican president to France.

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And as a bonus

100,000 US taxpayers hacked. The hackers used personal information, obtained in a previous attack, to and, for some, claim reimbursements on their behalf.

30 years. It’s Ryanair’s age celebrating. The Irish company shows sharply rising profits. Its leaders believe they have won back their customers. Find this article in our subscribers area,.

This is the photo of the day. Bouygues will build. It will be located in Stratford, where the 2012 Olympic Games were held.

Credit: Bouygues Construction

(With Maxime Brigand, Cyrille Pluyette, Marc Landré, Marine Rabreau, Jamal El Hassani and all the Figaro and teams)