“Even with the bonus of € 4,000, I could not pay an employee over the long term”

YOUR OPINION – For our commentators, the boost to very small businesses is far from sufficient. Extracts from their reactions.

Surprise – here’s a helping hand. This Tuesday, Manuel Valls did not just announce, as expected,. He also explained in particular that fixed-term contracts would now be renewable and that a special bonus would be triggered when the first employee is hired. []. What astonish – and make doubt – Internet users of Figaro.

“The bonus of € 4,000 is about two months of salary, account @ PierreFaure55 in a tweet. Better than nothing, but that will not restart the machine. ” Boss of a family TPE Sarl in e-commerce, @JackdEliz does not think of opening a position so far: “We could make two other people work, but we could not pay them in the long term – already us, it’s hard … And the cash flow is fragile. ” As for @Tolavech, he would be afraid that we will search his accounts suddenly: “What the state gives, the state takes back!” A subsidy = a tax audit. It is risking an increase and a humiliation. ” As for., He condemns the very principle of this subsidy: “Basically, the government buys the drop … with public money.”

“Those who voted on the left must not be very comfortable”

With the renewal of the fixed-term contract, will the bosses gain in flexibility? “” Exclaims. “No – that’s 3 continuous fixed-term contracts. But nothing new on the horizon: the bosses have already hijacked for a long time. ” “You just have to change the job title”, specifies. risk a comparison: “He offers us carrots that are not very fresh, our friend Valls.” “And then, he forgets the temping agencies, which are there to provide companies with all categories of Kleenex employees. The basic problem is that it is the order book that decides. And that, he did not understand! ”, Sighs Amenita. “The interns are renewed every year. Basically, they are the ones who turn the boxes, ”he understands. does not want these “hidden precarious jobs.” The worst part is that the government is proud of it. ” “In short, it’s smoke,” slice.

On a more political level, many of our Internet users are having fun seeing these proposals. “Those who voted on the left should not be very comfortable in their shoes”, slips. “What does Mr. Hamon think ?, launches. It just goes to show that in order to have a right-wing policy, you have to vote on the left – the reverse being also true. ” to denounce a policy where “the employers’ cursor is pushed a little more upwards.” “The right could not have made these reforms: the unions and the left would have blocked the country,” says.

So what to do? “And if the real courage was to carry out one,” writes. dream of a “UK, Netherlands or Poland” level. , he wants to believe in CDD “of 5 years, with the possibility of renewal”. , finally, ideologically unsaleable to unions and employees. But that would be such progress! ”