Europe may have lower Covid vaccine prices than Americans

According to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate, who is participating in the European negotiations on vaccines. It further confirms to Echoes that six supply contracts have already been signed or are in the process of being signed.

All eyes are on the arrival of a vaccine against covid. In this context, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, who heads the “task force»French responsible for leading negotiations in Europe on this much-hoped-for remedy has begun its discussions with Germany, the Netherlands or Italy, she confides to Echoes.

The Minister Delegate at Bercy thus ensures that there will be enough vaccines. “Apart from Moderna, which will deliver fewer doses due to less massive production capacities, each contract covers 200 to 300 million doses, often with options to acquire 100 or 200 million more.», She specifies.

When asked whether the doses will be distributed after the United States, the Minister said that “it is a figment of the mind to imagine that Europe could come second after the United States“. She adds that “the manufacture of our vaccines, production of the molecule and packaging, is done almost entirely in factories located in the European economic area and for certain vaccines in France. We learned from containment and border closures“. Moreover, according to her “it is not impossible that we have better prices than the Americans because we have been able to negotiate as a group».

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