Europe 1 gives carte blanche to the Sold-Out cultural podcast

This audio series pays tribute to entertainment professionals in this summer of confinement

Listen to the anecdotes of Alain Lahana, the man “with 10,000 concerts”, friend and producer of David Bowie or Iggy Pop, discover how Vincent Frerebeau made Vianney or Shaka Ponkle emerge, take a walk behind the scenes of the opera from Liège with Sophie Roman, its director… .. This is what Marc Gonnet, founder of the start-up Delight, which helps room managers to bring in the public, offers, and author of the Sold-Out cultural podcast. During confinement, this podcast gave voice to all those who make the live show and act in the shadow of the artists.

Europe 1 gave Marc Gonnet carte blanche for two special evenings on Sunday July 12 and 19 between 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. The latter is not in new territory, he was for a long time the marketing director of the resort and then was the strategy director of the Lagardère Active group before plunging into the entrepreneurial adventure.

In the world of Culture, the directors of theaters or the producers of artists do everything to maintain the passion. They are all eager to reopen theaters and meet the public again. As there will be no festival this summer, no Avignon festival, no concert or theater, the idea is to give a voice to those who make them.

The Sold Out podcast is available to listen to on the platform