Electricity prices: taxes that cost you dearly

THE ECO SCAN – While EDF is demanding an increase in its prices, Le Figaro breaks down the electricity bill of a household, one third of the amount of which corresponds to taxes. Decryption.

While negotiations are in progress to buy out all of the reactors’ activity, its CEO, Jean-Bernard Lévy, is calling for regulated electricity. On this occasion, Le Figaro decides to look into the electricity bill of a household.

By making the detailed calculation of his last bill which covers the period from February 14 to April 15, 2015, the user in question, who benefits from the “blue” tariff, found a total of taxes representing more than a third of his bill. He paid a total of 353.83 euros which breaks down as follows: 188.56 euros for consumption, 36.33 euros for subscription and 128.94 euros for taxes.

So what are these taxes that appear on our invoices?

• Contribution to public electricity service charges (CSPE): 45.73 euros

Legally, the CSPE is a compulsory levy. Through the CSPE, the electricity consumer finances almost all investments in new renewable means of production. This contribution makes it possible to offset the additional costs generated by the support mechanisms for the development of renewable energies.

• Taxes on final electricity consumption (TCFE): 22.44 euros

Originally, the TCFEs aimed to provide local authorities with resources to finance investment operations in the electricity networks. “In reality, they add to the general budget of the communities: out of a total return of 2.1 billion euros, the electricity unions receive 400 million euros in revenue from the departmental tax and the municipal tax”, can we read in one of the commission of inquiry of the National Assembly of March 5 on electricity tariffs.

• Transmission tariff contribution (CTA): 7.09 euros

As for the CTA, it makes it possible to finance the specific rights of retirees under the electricity and gas industries regime. For example, the advantage resulting from the calculation of pensions over the last six months of work and not the best 25 years as for employees in the private sector. According to the forecasts of the social security accounts, the revenue forecast for 2015 is 1.4 billion euros. In ten years, more than 10 billion euros have been collected for the benefit of the special regime for electricians and gas, says Pierre-Edouard du Cray, director of studies at.

• Value added tax (VAT): 53.68 euros

Finally, regarding VAT, the subscription is taxed on value added at 5.5% and consumption at 20%. However, taxes (CSPE, TCFE, CTA) are also taxed! 20% for the first two, and 5.5% for the last. Conclusion, the user pays a tax on the tax.