Eight candidates running for the presidency of France Télévisions

The CSA will hear the candidates next week and deliver its verdict by July 24 at the latest.

In the end, there will only be one left. Or that one. In the meantime, they are still eight in the starting blocks to dispute the presidency of France Televisions. The Superior council of audio-visual had received twelve candidatures in total and it rejected four of them. Who will be elected to succeed Delphine Ernotte, at the head of a group of 9,600 employees, whose budget amounts to 3 billion euros and who oversees the programming of five television channels?

The 53-year-old current leader, the first woman to chair France Télévisions in 2015, is a candidate for a second term. In front of her, Christopher Baldelli. At 55, the former boss of RTL and deputy managing director and then managing director of France 2 between 1999 and 2005 is one of the most serious contenders. As well as Jean-Paul Philippot. However, the 60-year-old leader has just been reappointed at the head of RTBF, the Belgian public broadcasting company, which he has directed for eighteen years. A choice “Taken in a personal capacity”, he insists in an email sent to all his employees, “Which is in no way an admission of disengagement and disinterest in RTBF”. He also indicated that in the event of a defeat in the race for France Télévisions, he would retain the head of RTBF.

Serge Schick, the former director of audience strategy and brand development at Radio France, as well as Sandrine Roustan, former director general of programs at France 4, who works for the Chinese media group, Shanghai Media, also do parties from the short list. Just like two journalists. On the one hand Michel Goldstein (59 years old), a former professional footballer and commentator in the sports department of France Télévisions. On the other, Serge Cimino (56 years old), political journalist at France 3, also representative of the SNJ at France Televisions. Finally, there remains a candidate from the political sphere, Pierre-Étienne Pommier (49), the digital advisor of the group La République en Marche (LREM) in the National Assembly since June 2019.

Six votes for the vote

All will be auditioned from next week by the CSA. A drawing of lots has already determined their running order. Sandrine Roustan will present her project the first, Monday at 9 am. Serge Cimino will bring up the rear on Tuesday July 21 at 4:45 pm The first part of the hearings, lasting a maximum of one hour, will be filmed and broadcast live on the CSA website. A second part, also of one hour, will take place behind closed doors. The regulator will issue its decision by Friday July 24 at the latest.

The day of the vote, the college of seven members will be amputated from Hervé Godechot, brought to deport. There will therefore only be six voters and the voice of the president of the CSA Roch-Olivier Maistre can be decisive in the event of a tie. The members of the college will have to decide in favor of a project and a personality. The arrival of an outsider like Jean-Paul Philippot risks scattering the votes. But, what complicates the situation a little more is that this same college drew up, in February 2020, an overall positive assessment of the mandate of Delphine Ernotte.