EDF: employees heat their swimming pool for free in winter. True or false ?

THE ECO SCAN – Around 800 Internet users commented on our article on the benefits of EDF employees, sharing their testimony. Le Figaro has selected a number of statements and disentangles the true from the false.

While the management of the energy company is currently negotiating the change of employment contract for its executives, Le Figaro has listed the benefits from which all agents benefit. Many of you provided information which we undertook to verify.

: “The EDF Works Council (…) represents an incredible windfall of pecuniary advantages for EDF employees. It is colossal. It receives 1% of turnover, so it’s 650 million euros or not far from that ”.

TO REDUCE – The Central Social Activities Fund (CCAS) and the 69 CMCASs are the organizations that manage the social activities of employees of the electricity and gas industries in France, mainly EDF and GDF and their subsidiaries (ERDF, RTE, GRT gaz and GRDF) but also local gas and electricity distribution companies, ie 158 companies in the IEG branch. They are financed by 1% of the sales of electricity and gas, “which represents an amount of 464 million euros which benefits more than 650,000 people”, adds the CCAS.

: “As an EDF agent, I write to denounce the fantasies of which I am often a victim. At first, of course I benefit from a preferential rate, except that this is declared as a benefit in kind “

TRUE – EDF employees and retirees are entitled to the “agent rate” which corresponds to only 10 to 15% of an average bill. However, the employer must declare this benefit in kind.

: “A wife (of an EDF agent) even told me that she was tired of seeing her husband at home and that their swimming pool was heated for free so they did not have to cover it in winter”!

TO SHARE- Electricity is not free for EDF agents but they benefit from advantageous rates. However, as in all companies, some employees abuse their benefits.

: “This proves that a company can offer its subscribers prices that are among the lowest in Europe without sacrificing employee benefits”

TO REDUCE – EDF’s tariffs are 30 to 40% lower than those on the European market for households. “On the other hand, we must distinguish the price of electricity for households and manufacturers. For the latter, the price is not the cheapest in Europe ”, specifies Nicolas Lecaussin, director of the