EDF, Amazon, Uber: the eco recap of the day

THE ECO SCAN – Didn’t you have time to look at the economic news this Friday? Le Figaro summarizes the main topics of the day for you.

• The privileges of EDF employees

While the management of the energy company is currently negotiating the change of employment contract for its executives, Le Figaro listed the benefits enjoyed by all agents.

• Amazon’s mistakes in working conditions

Two occupational medicine reports point to new mistakes by the multinational on working conditions in its warehouses in France. Amazon is also accused of fraud in order to improve its statistics of accidents at work. The CGT calls for a strike Tuesday, May 26.

• The Constitutional Council reframes Uber

While the Californian giant challenged several provisions of the Thévenoud law, the Sages considered that the prohibition for VTCs to practice “electronic marauding” was indeed constitutional. However, they ruled in favor of Uber on the pricing.

But also…

The European Commission could ban the sale of crystal lights in Europe. Large French luxury houses would suffer, weakening the Alsace and Lorraine regions. 7,000 direct and indirect jobs are at stake.

The Anglo-Dutch giant has internally acknowledged that the planet is at risk of warming by 4 degrees according to an internal document revealed by The Guardian.

The Agrasc, the agency which seizes, makes profitable and sells the goods of the gangsters, in particular got its hands on boats, luxury cars, high-end watches …

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And as a bonus

The soap opera of the day:. Their lawyer insisted on the fact that they were without resources, and that the law provides for a period of between three months and three years when the occupants do not have the possibility of rehousing.

The mobilization of the day:. Faced with the mobilization against the reform project, the boss of the AP-HP changes the method of discussions.

The disappearance of the day:. Eighteen companies, including Google and Samsung, have obtained the FIDO certification, which aims to develop authentication alternatives that are more secure than the password.

(Marie Theobald, Maxime Brigand, Jade Grandin de l’Eprevier, Mathilde Golla, Alexandre Debouté, Caroline Sallé, Géraldine Russell and the Figaro and Figaro.fr teams)