Duolingo surpasses the ten million download mark in France

Duolingo surpasses the ten million download mark in France

The foreign language learning app has become widely established in the market, with more than 300 million users worldwide.

In all, 95 courses are available in 38 different languages ​​for users around the world.

Learning a language while having fun? This is the principle of the application, which claims in a press release to have crossed the bar of ten million downloads in France at the end of April since its launch in 2012 in our country.

Duolingo is currently the market leader in online language learning and has over 300 million users worldwide. Its advantage? A free version that offers many features. A paid, ad-free subscription is also available starting at $6.99 per month.

A varied panel of languages

In all, 95 courses are available in 38 different languages ​​for users around the world. In France, six languages ​​are accessible: English with more than five million learners, Spanish (1.66 million), Italian (686,000), German (659,000), Portuguese (308,000 ) and the in beta with nearly 89,000 students. The latter is an international, neutral language, which is not the official language of a particular state.

In the English version there are fictional languages, it’s not much use but it’s funnylaughs Maÿlice, a student user of Duolingo. For example, in the catalog is the “high valyrianwhich is a fictional language used in the hit series. 455,000 people try to learn it around the world. There is also the “klingon“, fictional language of the universe, created by Marc Okrand in 1985, and whose learning is followed by 293,000 Internet users.

Robots as teachers

For the learning of these languages, no human teachers: it is the algorithms that take care of the lessons. The student is faced with MCQs, words to put back in the right order, sentences to translate or oral comprehension, and memorizes by repetition of vocabulary and conjugations. There are no lectures.

Examples of English exercises Duolingo

Duolingo is based on the principle of , that is to say that the courses use the codes of mobile games: hearts for the number of lives or crowns to collect to unlock new features or new lessons.

Acquire the basics of a language

I use it on public transport to get to work. Instead of getting lost on the networks, it allows me to be a little productive“says Marin, editorial animation manager. He has been trying to learn Portuguese for several months and it is a specific feature that motivates him. “I really like the product because there is a competition system with points each week. We feel obliged to take lessons to progress in the rankings and not go down again, it’s a little pressurehe quips.

For Maÿlice, Duolingo makes it possible to have “a little bit of culture“. “I learned some basics but I am far from being bilingual“, she argues. Same story for Marin, who believes that the application will not make him become an expert in the Portuguese language. Attendance is one of the keys to success. In the future, Maÿlice and Marin hope that other languages ​​will be added to the catalog, such as Arabic or Russian.

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